Founding Member Of “Green Day” Has Just Entered The Cannabis Industry

Founding Member Of Green Day Has Just Entered The Cannabis Industry
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Contributor: KC SCANNELL

One of my favorite marijuana pastimes is lighting up a joint (or bowl), laying down, and just vibing along to some music. This musical accompaniment to my smoke session always takes my creativity and inspiration to new heights.

Often, I’d close my eyes, and just let the rhythm (and THC) take me to new places. I’d envision custom music videos for each song, and completely lose myself in the moment. It was equal parts therapeutic and creatively pleasing. And I’m sure I’m not the only cannabis enthusiast who partakes in such an activity from time to time.

There’s a special relationship shared between marijuana and music that is simply undeniable. The way it activates your emotions and introspective thoughts is unlike any other art medium known to man. Sure, a picture can be stunning and make you think. But the way a song can move a person, in more ways than one, especially with the enhancement of cannabis, is truly unbeatable.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that marijuana is often a large part of the musician’s lifestyle. Not only does it calm their weary mind after a long day in the studio, but it opens up their thoughts to lyrics and melodies they may have otherwise never conjured up, had it not been for the creative encouragement of marijuana.

Green Day Member Plans To Take The Cannabis Industry By Storm

Founding Member Of Green Day Has Just Entered The Cannabis Industry1

More than utilizing the powers of cannabis for their music, a lot of artists have started to consider themselves experts in the realm of marijuana. And rightfully so. These folks, more than others, have grown to appreciate THC for a litany of reasons, and some even attribute a fraction of their success to this amazing plant. But, however deep their love for cannabis may be, the fact remains, they have a closer, more intimate relationship than the common, every-now-and-then cannabis enthusiast.

And it’s that level of confidence and admiration for marijuana, that leads most of these artists into the cannabis industry. Some are merely here for a cash grab (looking at you, Gene Simmons), but most of these musicians are in it for the love of the plant. They want to help create and cultivate a truly amazing strain (or line of products) that they know their fanbase will enjoy just as much as them.

I mean, if you like someone’s vibe and music choices, chances are you’ll have similar tastes in cannabis. And, even though that’s not a hard-and-fast rule, the probability of that statement ringing true with many people is incredibly high – just like you’ll be after smoking some rock star’s stash.

As I alluded to previously, there’s already a handful of musical marijuana aficionados that have started their own cannabis companies, but the most recent entry into the world of monetized marijuana is one of the co-founders of the iconic rock bank, Green Day, bass guitarist, Mike Dirnt.

Founding Member Of Green Day Has Just Entered The Cannabis Industry4

Early on in 2020, this legendary musician announced his partnership deal with Goldenseed.
Goldenseed is a marijuana company, based out of Santa Cruz, who specializes in “lifestyle cannabis” products. They are famous for being one of the first to use sustainable methods during the farming process, as well.

In general, Goldenseed has clones, flowers, and extracts. All of which are incredibly potent, above board, and completely organic. On top of that, they are the very first cannabis company of its kind to be approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to go public with their company’s stock. If that doesn’t prove how amazing Goldenseed is, I’m not sure what will.

When asked to comment on their recent partnership with Dirnt during an interview with, the CEO of Goldenseed (Scott Goldie) was happy to share his excitement about the deal.

Specifically, Goldie said, “We’re thrilled that Mike is part of the Goldenseed community. It’s an exciting time for us and the industry overall.”

Founding Member Of Green Day Has Just Entered The Cannabis Industry3

Goldie continued to elaborate on his statement, adding, “Our brand has developed a strong affinity among consumers, while also assembling a diverse group of advisors over the last few years. Mike’s creative vision has already proven invaluable to our brand and we look forward to continuing this work as we celebrate his role as a key member of our family.”

After going public with this partnership, Dirnt decided to take a tour of the Goldenseed storage facility. While there, he was interviewed about his thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the future of this business relationship, and the company’s direction, in general. To which, Dirnt was more than happy to share his two cents.

When Dirnt was asked what was special about this company’s impressive flower selection, he replied, “We start with the dirt. We have a one-acre worm farm that is growing rapidly. The smell, the flavor, and the entourage effect all come from growing in the dirt under the sun. The flavor is amazing when nature does what it does naturally. And that’s how Goldenseed grows their plants, naturally – the way nature intended. I really love what we’re doing farming-wise; we’re not wasting millions of dollars a year on electricity, we’re using what nature intended to use, which are soil, water, sun, and worms. The proof is in the plant, and we really are making damn good weed.”

Wow. I think he likes “nature,” wouldn’t you say?

Later on during the tour of the facility, Dirnt was asked to remark on what ultimately lead him to invest in cannabis. The Green Day co-founder wasn’t shy about being honest with his response on the matter.

Founding Member Of Green Day Has Just Entered The Cannabis Industry2

Dirnt said, “I got involved with Goldenseed on an invitation to look at the farm with a friend of mine, and after having made a few trips to check out their incredible facilities, I asked my wife if she was okay with us investing. She was absolutely all for it, because when she was battling breast cancer, cannabis was a tremendous help during her chemotherapy treatments. To this day, it helps with her body aches and pains and the residual effects of a lot of drugs that went into her system.”

While that story is heartbreaking to hear, it solidifies his commitment to cannabis excellence and purity. Which is something that can’t be said about the majority of celebrities currently trying to strike it rich in the marijuana industry, that’s for sure.

For a cannabis company to truly succeed, in my opinion, they really need to care about their plants. They can’t just allow greed to power their business model. If that’s the case, they will cut corners any way they can. And, while that may result in a quick spike in revenue, it will dramatically decrease the value and quality of their product.

Subsequently, their business will develop a poor reputation in the cannabis community. Then, shortly after that word-of-mouth spreads, their sales will all but stop, and they’ll be forced to go out of business.

But, if a company, like Goldenseed, puts quality over profit, their customers will stay happy. When their clientele is satisfied, they’ll keep coming back for more. And, not for nothing, but the best way to succeed in this ever-competitive industry is through repeat business. If you can gain customer loyalty through quality products, success is right around the corner – no doubt about it.

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