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Forbidden Fruit

Strain: Forbidden Fruit

Producer: Korea Town Budz

Contributor: Olive Hardy



Looks like a piece of fruit 100%
Aroma strong and sweet 100%
It was awesome 100%
Heavy high that’s long lasting with strong impact 100%

Forbidden Fruit

Appearance: 5/5
The name says a lot here, folks. First off, it looks like a piece of fruit. Besides a darker shade of green and orange tendrils running throughout, it’s covered with purple crystals. This bud puts the icky in sticky.

Aroma: 5/5
It’s got an aroma that’s strong, sweet, and smells legitimately like what we assume purple smells like. Loading this into our bowl for the first time was giving us high expectations. And boy, did it deliver.

Flavor: 5/5
With bold looks comes bold flavor. And that’s exactly what we got with this abundantly grape-centric flavor profile. The taste lingered long on our taste buds after each hit. Which, to be frank, we were not complaining about. It was awesome.

Effect: 5/5
A lot of strains get labeled big, scary names and only provide a mild high at best. This is not one of those strains. This Forbidden Fruit comes on strong and fast. After the first hit, we knew this high-powered Indica was the real deal. It came highly recommended by the budtender, and she was spot on.

We do not advise you to handle anything more complicated than the DVR remote after smoking this strain. It’s a heavy high that’s long lasting with strong impact. For the newbie, or faint of heart, this is a guaranteed “lights-out” situation. The veteran smokers will even be impressed at how stoned they get.

Long story short -- pick this one up. Like an expensive bottle of wine, you’ll break this one out on a special occasion, and you won’t be sorry. We guarantee it.

Forbidden Fruit (Indica): $12/g, $30/8th

Korea Town Budz should be a neighborhood institution. It doesn’t have the fancy gloss or high tech toys of some of your more “bougie” shops, but it’s a bare-bones corner store that supplies everything you need.
Whether you’re just chilling at home or heading out to party with some friends, be sure to hit up this dispensary to pick up some quality goods.

2819 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Phone number: 747-274-2470
Hours: Open: 10am - 3am, 7 days a week  

Korea Town Budz Dispensary

Located on a strip of Beverly Boulevard populated by mini-markets and “Mom and Pop” liquor stores, Korea Town Budz has a local quick-stop vibe that makes it feel right at home on this stretch of the border between Los Angeles’ “K-Town” and Hi-Fi neighborhoods (that’s Koreatown and Historic Filipino town, for any of you out-of-towners).

This shop, to be completely honest, may be a little tricky to find. No, there’s no massive signage indicating that marijuana is nearby. Instead, it’s a really small storefront with an even smaller waiting room.

While some places like to consider themselves a “major corporation” this place does not. And, we must admit, we like that. We’re all about dispensaries that make the whole experience more comfortable for the consumer. Because, we don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more annoying (and less comfortable) than a stuffy, uber-corporate atmosphere. Lucky for us, Korea Town Budz didn’t waste their time with any of that nonsense.

They have an impressive showroom, jam-packed with all sorts of goodies. Per the usual, we searched through their inventory, and it wasn’t long before our budtender helped us land on this truly incredible Indica strain, known only as, Forbidden Fruit.

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