Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Pills

Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Pills
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Contributor: John A. Collins

If you’ve been in a dispensary, well, ever, you’ve likely caught a glimpse of some cannabis pills (or cannabis capsules) underneath the display glass at one time or another. If you’re anything like me, these items do nothing but pique your curiosity. Or, at least, for me, they used to, before I started making THC pills a part of my daily marijuana routine. And, to be completely honest, after I’m done breaking down everything there is to know about cannabis pills, I’m confident that you’ll start making them a part of your daily cannabis routine, too.

Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Pills

Now, when we’re discussing the ins and outs of these THC oil capsules, we need to first recognize that these aren’t some chemical-laden pills. The only thing in these capsules are cannabis oil, be it CBD or THC, and nothing else. Sure, there are some components required to keep it in pill form, but there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about with these canna capsules, as they aren’t anything like their opioid counterpart.

In fact, nowadays, as the opioid crisis reaches a fever pitch, physicians and addiction specialists are starting to turn towards cannabis as a form of treatment. For those of you who may be unaware, there’s a litany of physical and mental side effects that occur when a person decides to detox, and rid their body of these addictive, super harmful chemicals. They suffer withdrawals of varying degrees, with each person experiencing their own concert of mental and physical anguish.

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But, when doctors started introducing cannabis into these poor people’s lives, they started to see a dramatic improvement, in both their moods and well-being. Those dark, depression-filled thoughts were replaced with calm, optimistic, positive affirmations. And all the discomfort that was brought on by their bodies yearning for dangerous chemicals subsided greatly, thanks to the alleviating powers of cannabis, in its various forms. 

So, if you are even close to thinking that cannabis pills are anything like their actually harmful prescription pill counterparts, you’d be sorely mistaken, as there is nothing but upsides to these mellow, calming capsules full of cannabis.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about these pills, and how they can be beneficial to helping someone live a more comfortable, slightly stoned lifestyle.

One of the first things that you’ll want to look for, when cruising through the various labels at your local cannabis club, is to see if these pills are of the CBD or THC variety. Each of these interpretations can bring about a specific series of effects, and it’s best to familiarize yourself with both of them, as each of them can come in handy during various times.

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For instance, let’s say you are about to go on a camping trip with your in-laws, and won’t be able to fire up joint after joint in their presence. No worries. Simply opt for the super discreet cannabis capsule full of THC. You can pop one (or two) in the morning, and enjoy a mellow, Stoney state of mind throughout the majority of the day, without anybody being any the wiser.

Or, let’s say, for example, you’re currently finding yourself in the throes of a “too high” moment. Perhaps that kief-infused blunt to the face was a bad idea before going to a job interview, and you need to calm down immediately. Just pop one (or two) of these CBD pills, allow it ample time to take effect (30-60 minutes), and before you know it, you’ll feel the intensity of your THC high mellow out, allowing you to get back to your good ol’ functional, manageable self in time for that super important job interview.

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Which brings me to my next point: the dosage.

These capsules can vary greatly in how many milligrams of THC or CBD they put in there. If you are a medical marijuana patient, this is what you should be concerned with most, as you are routinely privy to stronger items than the typical recreational customer. 

So, dispensaries regularly have a wide variety of cannabis capsules, all ranging from subtle to strong, for their patient clientele to enjoy. So, when looking at which marijuana pills to get, be sure to check out their milligram per pill count, as that will likely guide you towards a final decision, come checkout time.

If you’re a seasoned stoner, with a sky-high tolerance, chances are you’ll need a bottle of cannabis pills that sport an impressive milligram per pill count. However, if you are new to the world of cannabis, or simply need these pills to help you deal with a series of ailments, afflictions, and/or discomfort, you’ll likely want to go with the lesser milligrams per pill option, as that will often result in a more manageable series of effects.

Another thing that I feel you should all be aware of is, despite their small stature, especially when compared to the massive jars of flower that you’ll see at the typical dispensary, these cannabis pills are routinely on the more pricey end of the financial spectrum. It’s true. Even though these capsules are small enough to swallow in one gulp, they are more reliably potent than the average edible or flower, which makes them more valuable, and therefore more expensive.

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And, when you think about it, in comparison to its heightened price tag, it makes sense why these are a few more bucks than the typical topical or ingestible product. So, if you have the monetary means to do so, I’d say stock up on as many of these cannabis pills as you can, and you should do so for a couple of reasons. 

One, they are well worth the price, as these are some of the (if not the) most consistent, most reliable cannabis products you can buy. And, two, it’s because they are selling like hotcakes, and just as fast as dispensary workers put them on the shelves, they are gone. 

Cannabis enthusiasts in the know, are well aware of their power, and you should be, too. 

So, if you happen to see them on the menu at your local dispensary, don’t even think twice about it, splurge on a bottle or two, and you’ll be happy that you did – trust me. 

They really are that damn good.

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