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Elevate Runtz Hybrid Pre-Roll

Strain: Runtz Hybrid Pre-Roll

Producer: Elevate

Contributor: Vivien James



Purple hues of the crumbled up flower 100%
Fruity and pungent 100%
Fruity and delicious 100%
Mood was elevated 100%

Appearance 5/5
The Elevate hybrid joints come in a lovely colorful packaging, which is one of my favorites. I was smoking this joint with a friend, and he also complimented the wonderful packaging. When I opened the joint up, I could see the purple hues of the crumbled up flower poking through the paper. This was quite a beautiful pre-roll.

Aroma 5/5
The aroma was fruity and pungent, it took up the entire car when I first popped the top open.

Taste 5/5
The smoke was smooth with an excellent flavor. The flavor was similar to the aroma; fruity and delicious.

Effect 5/5
The head and body high washed all over me, but it was great, and I didn’t mind it. I was still able to keep up and maintain an excellent conversation with my friend. Sometimes, it can be a bit hard to retain the information, and follow the conversation, but I didn’t seem to have any trouble at all, and neither did my friend. Once I was done hanging out with him, I was also able to go on with my day, and got some work done. Going throughout my day, while my mood was elevated, is a great sign of good bud. There is no need to buy the top shelf when it comes to Elevate because even their regular flower is top notch. Once I smoked more, I did have a crash, and took a little bit of a nap, just because it is so strong.

Recommended for stress relief. For me, it wasn’t a super active high, but it was not one that required a nap, either. Good for casual daytime smoking, running errands, or chilling out and getting some work done at home.
Thoroughly love and enjoy every second I get with the Elevate brand of pre-rolls. These are excellent, top notch hybrids that will leave me feeling good every time.

979 N La Brea Ave,
West Hollywood, CA 90038
Phone: (323) 447-2037
Everyday 8:30am - 10pm
Sundays 9:30am - 10pm


Last time I stopped into Herbarium dispensary, I ended up not getting exactly what I came in for. So this time, I was going to march right in there, and get exactly what I intended. Thankfully, I found parking in their parking lot. Normally, I park on the street at a meter, and end up paying for parking. I was with a friend this time, so I left them in the car, while I ran into the dispensary.

There were a few new customers in front of me checking in, taking a while, but this time, another employee noticed that I had been waiting for a few moments, and approached me to help me check in. It is way faster to check-in when you are a returning customer, and I don’t see why I should have to wait in the same line as someone who is signing up.

There weren’t many customers at this time of day, so I was able to get help from a budtender right away. I had actually noticed her previously, because she had awesome rocking neon green hair. She also happened to compliment my hair, so it was hair love at first sight. She was very friendly, helpful, and sweet. Although I didn’t have questions, or need much help with anything, she was ready to attend to my needs.

I told her that I wanted the hybrid Elevate joint, and she went right ahead and grabbed it for me. I love that she did not try to upsell me or make me feel rushed - which is how I felt last time with the other budtender. It didn’t seem that they had any new products – it has been a very short time since I was last here, to be fair. I wanted to grab a lighter, too, because they have cute mini lighters with the dispensary's name pressed onto them, but good lord, they were five dollars, and I was not about to pay five dollars for a lighter that’s barely worth $1.50. I left the Herbarium feeling like I had a much more pleasant experience than last time.

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