Day (Sativa) vs Night (Indica)

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Contributor: Tabitah Pace

Contenders Indoor: Day (Sativa) -VS- Night (Indica) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Light Club. We match two pre-rolled joints against each other in a head-to-head smokedown. Both will be lit. Only one will win.

Day and Night — two opposite sides of the same coin. Just like hot and cold, DayQuil and NyQuil, Felix and Oscar. And now – perhaps Indica and Sativa?

During our last visit to Natural Remedies Caregivers (927 ½ N Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90029), we decided to browse their selection of pre-rolled joints. Their inventory is small but significant, with offerings from Caviar Gold, Eight Brothers, Packwoods, and even some nice-looking three packs of joints from Lola Lola. But we were steered by our budtender towards a newcomer in the pre-roll game, a pair of dual offerings from a company named, Creme Genetics.

Day (Sativa) -VS- Night (Indica)
Besides packaging flower, this company has created two pre-rolls: one Indica and one Sativa. Each of which is cultivated to be best during a specific time of day. There’s the Sativa pre-roll (Day) and the Indica (Night). Each contains flower coated with THC distillate, then rolled in a joint that’s covered with kief for maximum impact. We decided to throw some green down and pick up not one, but both of these pre-rolls to see how they stacked up against each other. We’re not just smoking Day and Night, we’re living it, baby.

Day (Sativa) pre-roll – $10/joint
Night (Indica) pre-roll – $10/joint

Since they were rolled by the same company, they share a nearly identical look — the flower has been rolled into a cone with a folded end, then has been covered in a thick layer of kief for your smoking pleasure.

There’s no strain information on the packaging beyond Indica or Sativa, so we had no idea what was actually inside these bad boys, but we’d love to know since each one gave off an awesome, yet totally different, fragrance.

As we started to puff on our Day joint, we realized immediately that something was wrong. The roll was difficult to drag, and as hard as we tried we weren’t getting a full inhale. There seemed to be an obstruction in the flower somewhere in the middle of the joint. We tried to reshape it as it burned, but it was difficult to manipulate without getting kief all over our fingers.

Despite all of our difficulties with smoking the Day joint, it didn’t slow us down too much since we still got stoned from our efforts. We’d describe this joint as delivering a really good, positive high. Our body felt flooded with warmth, and our face was especially flush for several minutes after finishing our pre-roll. We felt good and stoned, and there was no paranoia or rapid brainwaves.

Overall, the Day joint made us feel great. It gave us a sedated feeling that cleared our heads, and made us feel like we were ready to take on the day. Our only disappointment came at the end, because we thought we came down off our high too quickly.


Night (Indica)

Appearance :
Aroma :
Flavor :
Effect :

We say almost identical because our Day joint was uneven, and a little anemic. Our Night joint was perfectly shaped and nicely compact. Both had us eagerly thumbing our Bics, but we’d give the edge here to the Night. Nighttime is the right time, after all.

Unlike the Day joint, the Night joint came with a strong, but not-so-fragrant earthy aroma. It was a rich bouquet of forest-esque goodness and grassy smells, which were prominent – but not skunky at all. It was another amazing scent, but we have to give it up to the Day joint on this one.

Once the sun went down, the lights went up on our Night joint. But we were worried that it would be a repeat of our earlier smoke. Thankfully, we suspected it wouldn’t be the case since the Night joint appeared to be better structured than its counterpart. Our inhales came in loud and clear, and the smoke was a neutral flavor that had a good kick, but didn’t make us cough. That said, the aftertaste on this guy was worse than the Day joint, and we definitely needed a glass of water to accompany our session.

As we lit up our Night joint, we got really excited. Its Sativa brother had given us a great experience, and we’ve always been Indica fans at heart. So, needless to say, we had some high expectations for this pre-roll, and boy, did it deliver.

As we puff-puff-passed our joint around, we weren’t feeling that much. But the longer we sat, the more we realized that we were feeling the effects, after all. This was an energetic and energizing high. It made us sit up and pay attention.

The world was suddenly bright and interesting. We were quick to joke, and even quicker to laugh. It gave us the best of all Indica vibes without any overthinking, paranoia, or anxiety about being “too stoned” that we sometimes feel when we’re super-baked like this. That’s too much for us, but this pre-roll knew exactly how to hit that moving target of excellence with tremendous ease.

Night (Indica)

And the winner is…

…ladies and gentlemen, bring on the Night!

Call us vampires, if you must, but we just loved this Night joint. It delivered the strong high and blissful relaxation we expected from a joint that’s been treated with distillate and covered with kief. That sort of smoke should be a cut above, and this one took care of us with good vibes for a good long while after we were done.

But we can’t disparage the Day joint too strongly. Despite a disappointing construction that inhibited our enjoyment, we can still report that the plant did it’s job. We felt sedated, relaxed, and clear-headed. It was a great feeling, and we’d happily reach for another during any time of the day (or night).

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