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Crystal Cookies

Strain: Crystal Cookies

Producer: Erba

Contributor: Lana Alexa



Dark green body and leaves, with small, hidden purple patches 80%
Highly sensitive sense of smell 60%
Smooth, and the taste had multiple layers 100%
It still helped me get in a pretty mellow state. 80%

THC: 23%
CBD: 0.04%

Crystal cookies by Humboldt Farms is a hybrid strain with an amazingly earthy aroma. Humboldt Farms is known for producing great outdoor flowers. One of their signature strains, Tangi, one season last year, was one I will remember forever. It was actually Humboldt Farms that turned me on to finer and refined strains.

Appearance 4/5
One of the first things that I noticed on the display case for the beautiful jars by Humboldt Farms. Now, it’s really what is inside those beautiful jars that counts. The flower itself looks good and dense. Good medium-sized nugs are always appreciated. Dark green body and leaves, with small, hidden purple patches. Really love the whole package. Also, I guarantee you you will not wanna throw away those jars because they make for beautiful storage containers and seal really well, too.

Aroma 3/5
I have a highly sensitive sense of smell. So, I was hit hard upon opening this little jar of Humboldt flower.  This is an outdoor strain, and I was expecting a lot of earthy tones. That is absolutely what I got - times five. I still got that slight sweetness from the cookies, but the pine came on pretty strong, too. Definitely has its own aromatic personality. I really love that extremely earthy aroma. It felt like I was in a forest.

Taste 5/5
My palate was overwhelmed by the earthiness and the pine. This is a dense flower. I suspect it was because I had ground it up the nugs, which brought out the more intense pine and earthy flavor. It was smooth, and the taste had multiple layers. They were all well balanced with forestry and sweet notes.

Effect 4/5
Definitely enjoyed consuming this strain. I’m a little bit of a heavier smoker, so I had to consume a bit more than one who is a rookie or has never smoked. It still helped me get in a pretty mellow state. The outdoor flower will have different effects on everyone. I tend to get more out of indoor flower, however, the strain definitely stands up to deliver a slow heading but potent high. Get ready for a super mellow, cruising, creative, relaxed, and energy lifting effect - without grogginess or tiredness.

Product Price: $30 - 8th only

This is a perfect flower for someone who is just starting to explore with cannabis. Medium potency and mellow high make this a great choice for someone that would like to enjoy a smoke but does not have a high tolerance. This is a perfect relaxation. Finally, a balanced hybrid that will not make you sleepy. Best consumed in the afternoon to early evening, as to avoid any potential grogginess in the morning.

After visiting Erba once again, I am pleased to say I had a great experience. Feedback from the budtender about the Crystal Cookie strain was spot on, directing me to try it at least once. Seeing as how Crystal Cookies is one of the many descendants of Girl Scout Cookies, it is part of a very large family of revolving strains carrying the Girl Scout Cookie heritage.

Address: 12320 W. Pico Blvd
Phone number: (310) 207-1900
Hours: Everyday  8 am-10 pm

Humboldt Farms is a California-based company that is known for its great herb. The very first thing that catches my eye is their packaging. It is super high end-looking; something any fine cannabis connoisseur would appreciate.

Humboldt Farms packages their wonderful flower in a glass jar. Each jar has a different colored label with super beautiful colors, explaining that type of flower and strain. I really love the info on the label, because it allows me to know more precise facts about the herb I am about to consume.  

Also, I really really like the fact that you could actually recycle all these jars in many ways around your house, as well. When a company is thoughtful in those ways, it is a great opportunity to contribute through more earth-friendly living.  

Supporting companies that are thoughtful about the way they use their resources to run their business is important for me. Most cannabis users know we need to give back as much as we can to our environment.  Supporting local businesses is also really great, especially in this thriving marijuana market. Humboldt County California plays a big part in the cannabis industry.

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