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Crunch Berry (Hybrid)

Strain: Crunch Berry

Producer: Happy Nugs Collective

Contributor: Fran Laurel



Light green and bright orange with enough crystals to make it look nearly white. 100%
Smells like sugar or candy. 100%
Sweet, berry flavor 100%
Not too strong or too distracting. 80%

Appearance 5/5
You’ll find no Cap’n Crunch behind this berry, but this flower would be worthy of his stamp of approval, that’s for sure. This is a delightful-looking Hybrid that’s light green and bright orange with enough crystals to make it look nearly white.

Aroma 5/5
It’s got a wonderfully full and savory aroma that legit smells like sugar or candy. It was such a sweet treat that we poured milk into our bowl before we smoked it! Just kidding, we didn’t do that. That would have been silly. But we definitely thought about it, though.

Flavor 5/5
This strain carries a mild effect with a sweet, berry flavor. Once you light up, you’ll see where it got its name from -- definitely cereal vibes coming off this smoke.

Effect 4/5
We didn’t feel much at first, and it wasn’t until we were done with our first bowl that we realized this high had crept up on us like a cat. It’s a Sativa-leaning strain, with stronger body feels and only minor head vibes. Not too strong or too distracting. A delightful feeling that would be perfect for a mid-level smoker or when you’re just look to take the edge off.

Crunch Berry (Hybrid) - $15/g, $35/8th

Long story short -- Crunch Berry is a sweet Hybrid strain that delivers a high-functioning series of effects. Just like the cereal it’s named after, this bud promises a sweet combination of flavors, and delivers a dependable sensation that feels good, but it’s far from being our favorite. We know Happy Nugs is just starting out, but they definitely have a promising future in the cannabis industry. With a little bit of time, this shop could become one of the best dispensaries of the eastside. They’ve already got the goods, now they just need the rest to catch up with them.

1466 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Hours: 7am - 2 am, 7 days a week

Buying medical marijuana should not be an industrialized experience. I want to shop somewhere because it’s special and it’s awesome. And, to be honest, this place wasn’t shining at the moment. But we can always forgive a few rough edges if they’ve have good product, and that’s one thing this shop definitely had.

The walls of this shop are covered with merch -- behind the flower display, there’s an excellent selection of name-brand pre-rolls. While another wall was devoted to vacuum-sealed edibles. Inside the cases are tons of wax and concentrate offerings, along with a plethora of vape cartridges, including Stiizy pods. There were even some CBD topicals and edibles, as well.

As for their flower, it was divided (literally) into three shelves -- Top Shelf, Private Reserve, and Exclusive. Top and Private were kept in jars, while the Exclusive plants were inside bags on the bottom shelf. Our budtender allowed us to look at several strains, including some that she recommended to us.

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