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Crucial Candy (Hybrid)

Strain: Crucial Candy

Producer: California Cannabis

Contributor: Michael Avalos



Wonderfully sweet look 100%
A bit sweet. It reminded us of black licorice. 80%
The flower didn’t pack a lot of flavor 60%
We weren’t super buzzed in our head, or our body. 60%

Crucial Candy (Hybrid)
This strain comes to us from California Cannabis, itself. The collective offers several strains available of every type, and beyond a few other brand name flowers, they supply the bulk of their plant selection. So, if you buy some weed here, there’s a good chance that it’s going to be an in-house flower.

Appearance: 5/5
This flower has a wonderfully sweet look to it. The pods are covered with crystals, which gives the light green leaves an even brighter look than normal. It’s kind of like a fresh coat of snow onto some evergreen pine trees. Our bud arrived in many small pods. They had a fresh look to them, and they broke apart very easily in our fingers, and sent crystals flying everywhere. So, be sure to use a grinder with this bud.

Aroma: 4/5
There wasn’t a very strong odor to this strain. It was muted and distant, but it was also a bit sweet. It reminded us of black licorice. That can be a turn-off to some, but we enjoyed it, especially since it wasn’t overpowering.

Taste: 3/5
For a flower that looked great, but only smelled “okay,” the downward slide continued once we started to smoke it. The flower didn’t pack a lot of flavor. In fact, we had a hard time tasting anything at all. It was a very neutral smoke - easily puffable and very discreet. While we’re all aware of the old saying that goes “no news is good news,” we believe there should be another one: “no flavor means no savor.”

Effect: 3/5
The downward slide might have petered, but it was still disappointing. This Hybrid strain was very middle-of-the-road. We weren’t super buzzed in our head, or our body, and we had to stop ourselves frequently to wonder, “are we even high?” That’s not a good sign for any bud, and it meant that we thought this flower arrived D.O.A. (And no, that doesn’t stand for Dank On Arrival).

We finally realized why this strain is called CC Crucial Candy -- because it’s the C-student of marijuana. Completely average, and anonymous, in almost every aspect. No offense, sir, but we want a bud that’s an A-student. We think everybody does, to be honest.

While CC Crucial Candy might have gotten the job done, it was an unimpressive flower, overall. Considering we were most impressed by our visit and our budtender, this was obviously a let-down. Which begs the question: Does a shop with a great staff justify going there, even when their product is sub-par? Honestly, for us, it does not. And that’s a bummer, because we would love to stop in here again to hang out, but we just don’t see that happening anytime soon.

CC Crucial Candy (Hybrid) - $20g, $50/8th

654 N. Manhattan Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone number: (323) 979-2568
Hours: 10am - 10pm, 7 days a week

California Cannabis Melrose (CCM) Dispensary
A good budtender is good, but a great budtender can be wonderful. There’s nothing better than having a truly awesome interaction with the person who is selling you cannabis. It doesn’t have to be a certain way; there are few requirements for what makes a great budtender. The biggest aspect being that they are beyond knowledgeable about the products they sell. But, other than that, it’s nice when you can tell that they are just being themselves. Because nothing is more appealing than authenticity.

We met a truly great budtender the other day when we stopped in at California Cannabis Melrose (CCM). We’ve been going to this shop for awhile, and we’ve always had a great experience shopping there. But, it’s always been a different budtender on the clock when we’ve been there. To be fair, we’re also a very infrequent guest of this establishment, since it’s outside our neighborhood/normal routine. Which, if you know anything about life in Los Angeles, this place might as well be on Mars.

When we arrived, there was nobody seated at the Guard desk. That changed seconds later, when someone bounded out from the back to check our ID, and let us in. We were surprised when that same person jumped behind the counter to help us out.

Our budtender’s name was Marco, and he was just a really cool guy. He was confident, cool, and smart about his products. He was able to guide us to various items that he recommended, and he even had anecdotal evidence from other customers to help inform our buying decision. He took us through everything just like it was our first time with patience and enthusiasm.

While we were finishing up, another customer came into the waiting room. Ever the multi-tasker, Marco buzzed them into the room, and started helping both of us at the same time. While this could be an annoying bifurcation of his attention, he handled both customers with ease. He was obviously a pro, and soon all three of us were engaged in conversation just like we were three guys hanging out after work.

Eventually we snapped back to our senses and paid for our bud. But we could have hung out there for a lot longer. Isn’t that what you look for in a shopping experience? A place you look forward to going to, and have to pull yourself away from? We certainly think so.

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