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Cookie Glue

Strain: Cookie Glue

Producer: Tree House Cannabis

Contributor: Michael Avalos



This is one “cookie” with a super-unique look 80%
It was a wonderful treat 80%
Chocolatey aroma created a brand-new sweetness 100%
I was focused, I felt relaxed, I was peppy 100%

Talk about pedigree. This strain is a mix between Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue, two flowers that belong in the pantheon of “Amazing Marijuana.” Would their offspring be just as delectable as those two greats?

Hmm, that’s a lot to live up to.

Appearance 4/5
This is one “cookie” with a super-unique look. Instead of the plant pods being fluffy like a cloud, they were long, leafy, and very pointy. It actually resembled a traditional pot leaf icon, rather than the bright, cotton candy shaped plants I’m used to smoking. It was a nice change of pace, to be honest. The leaves were a Jolly Green Giant hue, and there were tons of crystals sprinkled all over the leaves.

Aroma 4/5
At first, I didn’t detect much of a smell coming off this flower. I inhaled a very dry pull, and the flavor came at the very end -- it was dry and subtle, like taking a whiff of a chocolate bar. It was a very rich aroma to find among a flower that appeared to have no smell at all. It was a wonderful treat.

Taste 5/5
In my experience, a strain with a great aroma, will come up short in the flavor department. Thankfully, this “cookie” doesn’t play by those rules, and it tasted almost as great as it smelled.

When I smoked this flower, the burning plant mixed with the chocolatey aroma created a brand-new sweetness. The flavor had caramelized into something sweet and savory. It almost reminded me of something like flan, or creme brulee.

Effect 5/5
This Hybrid strain packed a really nice, really powerful punch. It combined the best of both Indica and Sativa sensations -- I was focused, I felt relaxed, I was peppy, and I felt ready to take on the day. The effects were strong, too - as one hit did a great job of making me feel it. And after I finished the bowl, I was still reveling in the effects for hours afterwards.

This strain of Cookie Glue from Tree House Cannabis is a marvelous strain of marijuana. It’s perfect for an early smoke to get your day started, since it’s energizing without being too heavy. And you’ll definitely notice the effects without being distracted by them. It’s a great Hybrid for any occasion.

If you’re looking for a chill spot to buy your bud, then there’s no better spot than La Brea Collective. This spot has a relaxed vibe, and the budtenders take their job seriously, while also being friendly and approachable. That’s exactly the type of environment you should buy your weed in, and I hope that more spots steal this model. But until they do, there’s always LBC.

Cookie Glue (Hybrid) - $10/g, $35/8th

5057 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone #: (323) 424-3908
Open: 10am - 10pm, 7 days a week

When it comes to dispensaries, there’s one quality that we cherish above all else -- chill.

Does the vibe inside the shop seem friendly and relaxed? Is it going to be all business, or will you be able to chat with your budtender? Do I enjoy coming here, or is it stressful and a hassle? These things matter, especially when buying weed. Nobody wants the process of getting herb to be annoying, and that’s why we’ll travel an extra mile to go somewhere that we enjoy. That’s why La Brea Collective in Mid-City has become one of my favorite dispensaries in the city. Above all else, this is one chill spot.

It starts with the Security Guard seated out front. When I rolled up, he was chatting with one of the budtenders who was out having a smoke break. I walked up with a friendly hello and they waved us along. Inside, there was another Security Guard, and he was even friendlier than the first. We made small talk as I checked in, and he waved me through the metal detector and into the shop.

I dropped by in the afternoon, and this spot was totally empty. That’s definitely my preferred way to buy weed. With the shop all to myself, I was able to browse the counter and see what they had. The budtender at work gave me free reign to look around while he posted up nearby, ready to answer questions, casually watching the TV that was playing Sportscenter.

This shop has an impressive selection of products -- flowers, edibles, vape cartridges, disposables, wax, CBD -- and it’s spread over their entire display case. That means you might need to engage with the budtender to see everything because you might otherwise miss - such as a pre-roll or an edible hiding in the corner somewhere.

Luckily, my budtender was super friendly, and totally willing to walk me through their inventory. At first, they showed me their flower selection. Then I started asking about which one they recommended. Before I knew it, I found myself just casually chatting away, even referencing one or two headlines on Sportscenter. It was so easy to just chill here that it wasn’t until another customer came in that the “spell” of comfort was broken, and I got back down to business.

Luckily, the other budtender returned from their smoke break and helped out the new arrival, meaning that I wasn’t rushed in my selection. I ultimately decided to pick up a strain that my budtender highly suggested, a Hybrid plant from Tree House Cannabis called, Cookie Glue.

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