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Colombian Gold

Strain: Colombian Gold

Producer: The Green Rose

Contributor: Michael Avalos


Columbian Gold

Appearance: 2/5
This was a leafy, natural looking plant that had great coloring, but not a lot of crystal coverage. It also had a pinched, compressed look. We’re no experts, so we can’t really say how or why that happens. But we do know that it usually doesn’t mean good things, and we started feeling some buyer’s remorse once we noticed that, to be honest.

Aroma: 3/5
This strain had one of the most distinct aromas we’ve ever come across. The flavor is super strong. It had a powerful aroma that rode the scale from sweet and amusing, to harsh and bitter. It smelled like rubber, which is something we thought we’d never say about a strain. Not the greatest.

Flavor: 2/5
After we started smoking, we noticed a distinct taste coating our tongue: vaguely earthy, sort of smoky, not wholly unpleasant, but nothing we were excited to keep puffing on.

Effect: 3/5
The high we got from this Sativa wound up being pretty basic. We’d call it a walk on the mild side, but then again, this isn’t our first bowl. The plant was a bit odd, but we admit the mellow feeling it delivered may charm the first-timer or special-occasion shopper. We were relaxed, felt a nice body high, but didn’t get all spaced-out doing it. We weren’t blown away by it, but we don’t think this deserves to be ignored, either. For the right type of smoker, this could be just the thing to give them a simple, calm feeling, without being too much for them to handle.

We were blown away by the uniqueness of this shop’s look. The talent and attention to detail were totally on display. We weren’t feeling cramped in here, we were feeling cozy, like when you’re at a party and you know everyone in the room.

We chose Colombian Gold based on the name and its affordability. This Sativa delivers a pretty basic high, but at $5 a gram, what more could you really ask for? If you’re looking for some affordable bud, check this one out.

Colombian Gold (sativa) - $5/g, $15/8th

Address: 4569 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA 90029
Hours: Open 8am - 12am, 7 days a week 

While some dispensaries go for that “white-space-limbo-from-The-Matrix” look, and others settle for hanging up a leaf painting or two, The Green Rose goes above and beyond by making the place a feast for your (red) eyes.

Behind the counter, the pricing breakdown per weight has been handwritten on a dry erase wall. The showroom wall was a blackboard, and covered in amazing chalk drawings. We even spotted the big box of sidewalk chalk on the floor next to us.

That’s when we noticed all the budtenders working the room. At the time, they were all women (not that it matters), and they were all kicking ass (which totally does matter). It was a hum of efficiency and knowledge. We felt like we entered a room full of experts, and we suddenly hoped we were cool enough to fit in.

Our budtender welcomed us and immediately started showing off their product. Like we said before, this shop carries a ton of stuff -- gummies, wax, vape oils, pre-rolls, and CBD products. That’s enough to satisfy any type of shopper, but on top of all that, there’s a ton of great green. After we said we were looking for an Indica, a few flowers were recommended straight away. Their bud is shown off inside large jars, making it look and smell amazing.

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