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Lowell Smokes Chocolate Truffle Hybrid Pre-Roll Joint

Strain: Chocolate Truffle

Producer: Lowell Smokes

Contributor: Michael Avalos



Packaged inside a glass cylinder. It includes two strike-anywhere matches 100%
Chocolate aroma coming off the herb 100%
It was sweet, but not sugary. 100%
Incredibly strong high 100%

There’s nothing more American than smoking a joint. We absolutely love to kick back with a jazz cigarette and puff away like our parents did before the invention (and mainstreaming) of modern marijuana culture. It’s like groovy, man. But while we love to enjoy joints, our appreciation doesn’t match our skill at rolling them. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for a great pre-rolled joint, and lately one name has dominated the conversation -- Lowell Smokes.

Appearance 5/5
We first became aware of them after falling in love with their four-pack of pre-rolled joints. Each of which is packaged in a neat, pocket-sized slipcase. Lowell Smokes is notable, not just for the eye-catching design, but because the company boasts about growing an all-natural plant, with organic fertilizers and no synthetic pesticides.

We immediately fell in love with the style, and were surprised by the strength of the hits. Pulling out a pre-roll always makes you look like the coolest person in the room, but with Lowell’s look and potency, the “cool readings” are off the charts. So, when we spotted this Lowell Smokes Chocolate Truffle Hybrid Pre-Roll, we couldn’t help but indulge ourselves.

This 1g joint comes packaged inside a glass cylinder. It includes two strike-anywhere matches wrapped in a paper sleeve. That’s a nice touch, and another reminder that Lowell seems committed to perfecting the smoking experience. The smoke is handsomely rolled and packed incredibly tight.

Aroma 5/5
We were actually surprised by the strong chocolate aroma coming off the herb -- this strain lives up to its name, that’s for sure. As we struck a match and lit up, we were definitely excited to hit this guy.

Flavor 5/5
Once again, we were impressed. The smoke had a very strong flavor. It was sweet, but not sugary. The taste was rich and dark, with a depth that’s usually found in coffee (or chocolate). It was perfectly rolled, burned evenly, and dragged easily.

Effect 5/5
This Hybrid strain gave us an incredibly strong high. We didn’t necessarily feel it at first, but after a few puffs, the intensity turned up to eleven.

We felt a significant body buzz. It was akin to a quicksand sensation in our muscles that, somehow, provided a lightness to our step. We also felt a strong, Indica-style high that had us feeling like we were seated in the front row of an IMAX movie -- seeing everything, but watching nothing.

The combination was quite enjoyable, but we recommend you don’t smoke this joint unless you’ve got an activity already planned out. This high is so strong, that it might be hard to self-start on anything after you’ve taken the plunge.

This was our first Lowell Smokes purchase, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. This 1g pre-roll is exquisitely presented by a company that obviously has a strong sense of quality and, more importantly, good taste.

They grow good bud, and each pre-roll makes you feel like a baller whenever you bust one out at a social gathering. The Chocolate Truffle Hybrid pre-roll we tried was one of the best joints we’ve purchased in a long time. It had great flavor, smooth taste, and a mighty kick. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

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