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Cannavis Syrup - Grape

Strain: Cannavis Syrup - Grape

Producer: LA Kush

Contributor: Eddie Boot



looks like grape soda 100%
smells heavily of grape 100%
It tastes very warm, sweet, and bitter, just like Nyquil. 80%
calmness or serenity later on 80%

Cannavis Syrup (Grape)
Why did we choose the grape flavor? Honestly, we have no idea. Of all the available flavors that they had -- blueberry, strawberry, and watermelon, etc. -- grape just seemed like the tastiest flavor.

Appearance: 5/5
We’re giving this five out of five for delivering exactly what we expected. This is grape syrup, so obviously it’s a dark purple that looks like grape soda, or the shade of Donatello’s bandana. What more could you ask for?

The consistency is very thick. So thick, in fact, that it makes us think that this product might be like nitroglycerin -- where a little can go a LONG way.

Aroma: 5/5
Obviously, this syrup smells heavily of grape. There’s no natural odor. It’s more of a sugary, artificial sweetness, kind of like grape-flavored bubblegum. And honestly, we loved it. It was strong without being sickly or overpowering. It took us back to the days when we actually bought grape bubblegum, and usually chewed big mouthfuls until we had exhausted the pack mere hours later.

Taste:  4/5
Oof. Taking a shot of this brought us back to the days of Dimetapp. This syrup has a really intense flavor that coats everything it touches in grape. It tastes very warm, sweet, and bitter, just like Nyquil. We held the shot underneath our tongue -- as per the directions -- then kicked it back down our throats. The aftertaste is sweet at first, but as the grape flavor dissipates, you’re left with a sour, slightly numbing taste inside your mouth.

Mixing it with sparkling water masked the taste entirely. It turned our beverage a milky lavender color, but there was nothing more than a hint of that strong grape taste. This was our favorite way of ingesting it.

Pouring it on top of a glazed donut seemed like it would be the most fun, but the combination of two very, very sweet things was too much for us. Besides that, the grape syrup was the stronger flavor of the two, and it dominated our taste buds with its warm medicinal burn.

Effect: 4/5
Of all three methods, we thought that the shot would be the most effective. It definitely made it hard to ignore, especially on our taste buds, but we didn’t feel as powerful an effect as we wanted. Overall, we didn’t feel much of anything with the simple shot. Maybe a calmness or serenity later on, but nothing groundbreaking.

Perhaps we enjoyed drinking it with sparkling water too much, because we thought this was the best method we tried. Afterwards we definitely felt like we had smoked some bud even though we hadn’t. We could best describe the feeling as a Sativa high, or a low-grade edible buzz -- delivering the kind of body tingles that start deep at your core, and radiate out into your limbs, giving you good feelings and positive vibes for hours afterwards. This method would be great to do before visiting the gym, going on a hike, or anything physically active.

The syrup plus the donut had a stronger effect than the shot, but it wasn’t all great. The double dose of sugar really upset the stomach, making us feeling buzzy from a sugar high instead of a THC high. When we crashed, there wasn’t anything to catch our fall, and we fell into a deep state of couch lock. This time our high felt a little more Indica-inspired, since we were so focused and slowed down. We might have turned this syrup into an improvised edible by taking it with food, and it treated us like one -- a heavy high that overwhelmed and made us sleepy. Effective, but not what we wanted.

Honestly, we had a lot of fun with this product. This Cannavis syrup gave us new ways to experiment with our daily dose of THC. Which is beneficial from a body metrics standpoint, even if it didn’t reveal anything revelatory.

Ultimately, this is not a product we could see ourselves buying again, unless we had a very specific purpose. Perhaps integrating it with an edible we were baking ourselves? Possibly, but who knows. It’s just great to know that this Cannavis syrup exists.

Impulse purchases are fun. At LA Kush, where everything is quality, we were free to follow our bliss to get blessed in many different ways. That’s how we got this Cannavis syrup, and we look forward to doing the same thing on our next visit. Who knows what we’ll stumble across next?

Cannavis Syrup (Grape) 100mg THC - $20 per bottle (1 fl oz)

182 S Alvarado St.
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Phone number: 213- 352-4108
Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am - 10pm, Sun: 10am - 10pm

We’d like to think that “impulse purchases” are pretty common in any retail environment. You’ve already decided to buy something, your wallet is opening up, and something else catches your eye that provides that adrenaline rush of excitement you get when buying something. Or just deciding to buy it.

So, sometimes we wind up buying something on impulse. And occasionally, it’s a product that we don’t even know that much about. But, honestly, what’s the worst that could happen? Hopefully, you buy something that you love but didn’t realize you would, and that’s what happened to us on our last visit to LA Kush.

As we were checking out, with our flower and our pre-rolls all ready to go, we noticed something on their back wall, in their edible display. LA Kush stocks a fine collection of edibles -- gummies (Kushy Punch plus other varieties), chocolate (Kiva), treats (Korova), mints, and little bottles that said “Syrup” on them.

We asked the budtender about it, and they gave us the rundown -- this was a cannabis infused syrup, available in a variety of flavors, that was consumable in numerous ways. You could drink it solo, add it to a beverage, pour it onto some food, even apply it directly to your gums. We’d never tried an edible like that before, but this was LA Kush, and we knew that they didn’t carry any bum products. If it was on the shelf, it must be pretty good. So we threw that down on the order and decided to try our luck with this Cannavis Syrup.

The real question then became -- how were we going to ingest it?

We threw on our mad scientist coats and headed into the laboratory (our kitchen) to see what would be the best delivery system for our old friend, THC.

In the end, we decided that we would try this syrup out three different ways and measure the varying effectiveness of each method. Our tests would be -- take a shot of straight syrup, add a shot to a glass of sparkling water, and finally, glaze some syrup over a donut.

Since this bottle was packing 100mg THC, we had the syrup to spread around. Let’s do this.

User's Reviews:

Cancer patient in remission with peripheral neuropathy

Rated 5 out of 5
October 4, 2021

I started with 100mg THC. I now use 300mg THC. About 1/4 – 1/2 or 3/4 teaspoon an hour or two before I plan to fall asleep ( a Baskin & Robbins pink spoon almost or full) The neuropathy made hard for me to fall & stay asleep. Now, the pain is alleviated enough for me to sleep & get GOOD sleep ! I’m energized & rested. Be careful, it’s amazingly euphoric and comes with the munchies ! Blessings !! Go get you some, you WON’T regret it !!!

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