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Cannabis Infused Gummies

Strain: Cannabis Infused Gummies - Tropical Punch - Hybrid

Producer: Kushy Punch

Contributor: Michael Avalos



The packaging is very small and simple 100%
Standard sweet and gelatinous aroma 60%
An edible always tastes like an edible 40%
Not much, to be honest 60%

Cannabis Infused Gummies - Tropical Punch Flavor (Hybrid)

While we often enjoy edibles, we generally opt for something that skews chocolate, which is our preferred sweet. We’re not sure if the carbs help the marijuana enter our system faster or not, but that’s been our pet theory for quite some time.

Also, we’ve had the best experience with edibles by eating them just before a meal or a snack, which seems to help us feel the effects faster and with more impact. Maybe this is all nonsense, or maybe everyone’s body reacts differently to different edibles.

The trial-and-error process can be frustrating, which is why we usually hedge our bets and select an edible that claims to offer an Indica (or at the very least a Hybrid strain sensation). And that’s why we selected the Hybrid gummies, in the Tropical Punch flavor, because that sounded the most appetizing.

Appearance 5/5
The packaging is very small and simple. A slender box that slides comfortably into your pocket, with a blister package inside. Peeling the foil off the table reveals the gummies, themselves. Pulling them away from the plastic mold separates them into 10 equal bites, each of which contains 10mg of THC. It’s smart and easy, and we really like the look.

Aroma 3/5
These gummies give off a standard sweet and gelatinous aroma that is common with all types of jello. Our Tropical Punch flavor didn’t translate into hints of any specific fruit, it was more of a generic, fruit punch smell. There might have been a slight hint of that concentrated marijuana plant scent, but if it was present, it would have been very faint.

Taste 2/5
To us, the worst part about an edible is that you can never escape that latent THC/marijuana flavor. No matter how much we try, an edible always tastes like an edible. Perhaps that’s a good thing, but it turns us off sometimes because, while we love the plant, we don’t always love its organic taste. And there’s definitely a hint of that THC flavor underneath the gummy, which is a generic, fruit punch offering that’s made bitter and sour by the underlying cannabis profile. It’s not the worst gummy in the world, but it tastes more like medicine, and not like something we would chew on just for fun.

Effect 3/5
What’s the old saying? “You can always do more, but you can’t do less?”

That’s how we approached our experience with these KushyPunch edibles. Even though one square is only 10mg of THC -- and it’s a tiny bite to boot -- we decided to take it slow and eat just one. Okay, two. 10mg is not a lot, even though most of our negative experiences with edibles can be contributed to ingesting too much (see: Taking Expensive Naps Inside Movie Theaters).

And we felt… not much, to be honest. We took our gummy with a banana to help the digestive process along, but we honestly weren’t feeling anything we could discern. A second bite after almost an hour was taken to help boost the “feeling.”

It was over an hour later that we started to feel a little rumble in our gut. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, but we could swear that we felt the gummy sitting inside our tummy, sort of like how a strong coffee, or tea, can snake itself through your empty belly. After that, there was a heightened awareness in our limbs, similar to a Sativa high. It was tingly and relaxing, but still very subtle.

KushyPunch has made a big advertising push to become a recognized name brand in the edible game. Their billboards are literally all over Los Angeles, rivaling MedMen for visibility. They offer a fine line of gummies, including CBD varieties, but they didn’t do much for us. Perhaps our tolerance is too high, or our palate is too unrefined, but we were left wanting more after the package was gone.

Downtown Fantastic 20 Cap is a great dispensary with some killer edible choices. We went for the big brand name, and didn’t exactly love our purchase. That’s cool, it happens. We just can’t wait to drop by again to try something else.

1135 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone number: (323) 979-5892
Hours: 10am - 11:45pm, 7 days a week 

On our last visit to this dispensary near downtown LA, we were in the mood for an edible. This doesn’t happen often, but we like to indulge our whims whenever they pop up. So, as we sat in the waiting room, we were curious (and hopeful) that they would have an interesting supply to choose from. After all, we didn’t know exactly what type of edible we wanted. The only thing we knew was that we were craving one.

Luckily for us, Downtown Fantastic 20 Cap had our backs. This place has a small, but carefully chosen, selection of all types of products - including edibles. Glancing over their choices, it was clear that there was one big decision to make before anything else happened -- would we go with a gummy or a chewy?

For chewy edibles, they carry a line of products from one brand called, Milf ‘n Cookies. We saw your classic stoner treats like brownies, cookies, and cereal bars. All of these were high in THC, and meant to be broken apart.

For gummies, however, there were two brands: KushyPunch and Sugar Stoned. The former, packaged their gummies in a box smaller than a cell phone. The latter, came in the classic vacuum-sealed pouches, carrying items like juicy gems and apple rings.

We see these types of edibles at a lot of dispensaries, and they’re always packaged like supermarket candy. Sometimes, they come with very little information about their contents. We suppose that’s part of the mystery (and the charm), but it doesn’t help us when we’re trying to get a better sense of how our body will react to them. Also, we would like to know how much is “too much”, and what the sensation feels like on an escalating scale, instead of experiencing a “now-I’m-suddenly-high” moment.

Then we glanced over the KushyPunch gummies, and this seemed to be what we were looking for. The product information was clearly listed on the package, boasting such qualities such as being Gluten Free and Non-GMO. Besides having gummies that approximated Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains, they were also available in CBD, as well.

Looks like we found our winner. KushyPunch, nice to meet you. We’re looking forward to hanging out together.

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