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Canna Hemp Body Lotion - Harlot Haze

Strain: Canna Hemp Body Lotion - Harlot Haze

Producer: LA CBD

Contributor: Brett LaFey


Canna Hemp Body Lotion - Harlot Haze

Aroma: 5/5
Why lavender? Because it’s awesome. It’s just one of our preferred scents. It’s sweet, fuzzy, and wonderful. Like some of our favorite lotions, this Harlot Haze was well-scented. Not too strong and not too sweet.

Appearance: 4/5
The consistency is good, and it’s very rich with moisture. We found a small amount went a long way. When we applied it, we followed the directions and massaged it liberally into our skin; specifically on our necks and shoulders, which is where we carry a lot of tension at the end of the day. After a quick rubdown, we sat back, and let the CBD work its magic.

Effect: 4/5
We must admit that we’re used to expecting the psychotropic effects of THC. The subdued sensations brought on by CBD felt a little like sipping a warm cup of “tea” as opposed to the “black coffee” we’ve been enjoying our whole life. We didn’t expect to be blown away, but we did expect…something. And we did feel…something.

We’d describe it as a very subtle sensation. Our shoulders felt slightly numbed by the lotion. The feeling sat on top of our skin, and slowly worked its way into the muscles below. This didn’t feel like Icy Hot. It was light and comforting. A feather touch compared to THC’s high impact hit. We had to pay attention to make sure we felt anything, but that might just be us. We suspect that anyone with chronic pain or irritation might have a more immediate and measurable feeling.

Long story short -- our first experience with CBD products was definitely positive. This lotion was light, hydrating, and soothed the area on which it was applied. It didn’t goose us with a super-tingly feeling, but we suspect that’s not really the point here. This is a quality product that we recommend for those seeking CBD treatment for their skin and/or joint pain. We’re happy to have it on our shelf, and glad to have it available the next time we start to feel achy.

Canna Hemp Harlot Haze Body Lotion: $25/bottle

We absolutely loved stopping by LA CBD. We got exposure to an entirely different side of cannabis, and we picked up a solid topical product. If you’re in the market for some serious CBD products, or just looking to learn a little more about them, check out this cool boutique right away.

The Canna Hemp lotion looked very much like regular hand lotion, but in a variety of different fragrances. The Cibadol salve was the strongest of the bunch, and it looked the most like medicine. It came in a small jar with a twist-off cap that did not look inviting, or cute at all. The presentation made us feel like it was prepared for the military. And the CBD Coconut Oil came in a plain jar, and looked just like regular oil. That was obviously the most versatile product. With the applications for coconut oil already being an extensive list on its own, adding just that little touch of CBD opened up tons of possibilities. While we’ve only tried oil-pulling once -- that’s when you swish a mouthful of oil for like ten minutes to detoxify your body -- we’d be willing to give it another try with this CBD-laced variety. While we see the virtue in versatility, this time we valued specificity above all, and wound up choosing the Canna Hemp body lotion. With six different scents to choose from, we decided to purchase the lavender scent, named Harlot Haze.

778 N Virgil Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Phone number: 323-928-2444
Hours: Open 10am - 8pm, 7 days a week 

LA CBD Dispensary

Although we live in the smoker’s paradise known as Southern California, we can recognize how mainstream our favorite plant has become in the last few years. Most of the recent surge in the public consciousness has to do with the growing number of states that have chosen to legalize medical marijuana. Which has gone from having the reputation as a taboo, hippie substance to being recognized as an acceptable alternative treatment method.

Perhaps, as early as five years ago, a shop like LA CBD wouldn't even have existed. Today, however, this little neighborhood boutique nestles itself amongst the strip of establishments that can be found on the rapidly-gentrifying Virgil Ave. And it’s quickly become a haven of plant-based medicine.

Full disclosure, we must state up top that LA CBD is NOT a medical marijuana dispensary. They have no THC products on hand. Their entire selection is, as you probably guessed from the name, CBD-based. While there are plenty of dispensaries in the area catering towards the THC crowd, this alternatively-focused shop is a complete unicorn, so to speak. And we think that’s a damn shame, especially considering all the cool stuff and useful items we found on our visit.

Unlike dispensaries which boast at least a minor amount of security, LA CBD looks like any other shop on the street. We entered and found that we had the whole shop to ourselves, along with the salesperson, of course.

The glass door and large windows meant that the shop was full of pleasing sunlight, another change of pace compared to the shuttered away weed shops in the neighborhood. The walls are covered with art, and there’s a giant horse sculpture in the front window. If we hadn’t seen the sign out front, we would think this was just another high-end retail establishment.

Our salesperson welcomed us into the store. We told her it was our first time, and admitted that we were well-versed in the ways of THC-based medicine for recreational purposes, but we had not crossed paths with many CBD products in our time.

Luckily, we were in good hands. Our salesperson took us on a guided tour of the glass display cases and showed off all their products, giving us a quick rundown on what they were and what they had to offer.

Once we started looking over the products, everything started to seem familiar. There were edibles, tinctures, waxes, topicals, pre-rolls -- all CBD mediums were adequately represented here. They’ve even got CBD flower. That was definitely news to us. We didn’t know it was possible to smoke up some CBD weed like it was just some regular ol’ THC flower, but you learn something new everyday, right? And while there were plenty of varieties available (including Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids), we decided to save the smoke for another day.

We came here searching for a topical product to soothe our skin and maybe even our joints, too. Like we said earlier, we’re thankful that we don’t have a specific malady we’re looking to relieve, but we do feel sore after a long, hard day just like everyone else. We needed a CBD topical that wouldn’t drive us crazy, and there were plenty of amazing options on display here.

It came down to The Big Three -- a line of body lotions made by Canna Hemp, a high dose salve from Cibadol, and a jar of CBD-Infused Coconut Oil.

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