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Canna Clusters

Strain: Canna Clusters

Producer: The Green Rose

Contributor: Michael Avalos


Featured flower:
Original First Class Canna Clusters (Indica)

Appearance: 5/5

Sometimes, you just want to smoke a little. And sometimes, you want to get really high. That’s what we were looking for on our visit, and we found our high with this powder keg. This flower was coated in oil, and dusted with kief for an insanely strong punch. They had a few different varieties on display, including Strawberry and Mango flavors, but we decided to go au natural with the OG.

Remember: this bud has been engineered for maximum potency, which means it lacks any sort of earthy touches and smells usually found in the plant. The texture is what really blew us away.

Aroma: 3/5

Clouds come to mind when we look at this strain. Mainly because the flower is coated in oil, and all that dusty-green kief laced on top makes it seem like this nug just fell out of the sky. It carries a strong, sugary scent that reminds us of birthday cake. Delicious.

Flavor: 3/5

Like we said before, we were looking to get really high that day, and this product totally delivered. After our first puff, we were feeling it. The flavor was strong, and a little on the spicy side.

The smoke was harsh on our throats, but we were grateful to have a glass of water standing by. We recommend you grab one for yourself, too, before lighting up, because you’re going to be very stoned, very fast after you take a hit.

Effect: 5/5

We felt relaxed, focused, a little giggly, and very hungry. And since it didn’t take a lot to get us there, our first bowl didn’t empty until much later that day.

Long story short -- We liked this bud a lot. It’s not just weed, it’s superweed. Pick some up for a special occasion, or when big groups of old friends stop by for a hang. But, be careful, this strain is no joke.

The Green Rose isn’t just a dispensary, it’s a “smoking den of cool” that has great budtenders serving up great flowers in a great-looking shop. What else could you ask for? If you’re shopping along Melrose, forget all those other shops - pick The Green Rose.

Original First Class Canna Clusters (Indica) - $15/g, $45/8th

Address: 4569 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA 90029
Hours: Open 8am - 12am, 7 days a week

Located on a stretch of Melrose Avenue, home to an exciting number of dispensaries, The Green Rose is the hardest to spot and that makes it, we think, the “coolest kid on the block.”

First of all, contrary to what you may think, the building is not green. It’s actually yellow. This complementary color may not have been by design, but everything inside has been carefully laid out to make this a truly unique shopping experience.

Once you make it past the spacious check-in area, you’ll enter a showroom that feels like it’s half the size of the waiting room you were just in. There was a ton of products, multiple employees at work, and when we dropped by for our visit, several other customers were sharing the room with us.

While we usually hate waiting in one room for any amount of time, this shop didn’t leave us hanging for long. Less than a minute after we arrived, an available budtender came over to help us out. Which was great, but by that point, we almost wanted to wait longer because we realized just how cool this place looks.

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