Canadian Company Creates Completely Odorless Cannabis

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There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with marijuana – almost too many to count, if I’m being completely honest.  It’s relieving, calming, therapeutic…but more than that, the basic elements of the plant, in general, are a delight to enjoy.  The usually fruity, almost sugary tastes of high-quality buds are tremendous on the tongue, and let’s not forget how aesthetically pleasing the average nug is – even to the untrained eye.  But apart from all of those glowing characteristics, I’d have to argue that one of (if not the) most sought after aspect of marijuana would have to be: its smell.

A Scentless Version Of Cannabis Has Been Created By Canadian Company

That’s right, the odor of cannabis is often the first introduction one has to this incredibly helpful, super harmless plant.  Not only do wafts of dankness serve as our first steps into the realm of cannabis, but the seasoned stoner (such as myself) can’t help but smile when an unexpected cloud of kush hits the nostrils out of nowhere, sending me into a Pepe Le Pew type trance with a massive smile on my face.

However, just because cannabis enthusiasts enjoy the aromatic profile of the average bud, that doesn’t mean everyone else does.  In fact, there’s been multiple reports of people who find such a scent atrocious and headache-inducing – with some rare cases stating that it actually made people feel ill.  Obviously, these cases are few and far between with this organic medicine, but it just goes to show you that everybody’s genetic makeup and relationship with marijuana is different.

And that’s more than fine, but is there any way to combat this problem?  Is there actually a respectable method to firing up some ganja in the presence of one of these poor, unfortunate souls without sending them into a state of discomfort and nausea?  Well, that’s certainly one Canadian company’s hope, as they attempt to create a truly odorless medium of marijuana that they plan on distributing to various cannabis clubs around the world.

Cannabis seedling

The aforementioned company, CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp, based out of Ontario, is the main player behind such a courageous cannabis endeavor. 

And even though they are still in the early stages of development and testing, they’ve already come up with a name for this insanely scent-free version of marijuana which they are affectionately calling, Purecann.

Upon first hearing such a plan, I must admit that I couldn’t help but be skeptical.  Sure, I believe that coming up with a batch of stank-less buds is, indeed, possible – hell, I’ve bought more than my fair share of nugs like that in college.  But those flowers rarely resulted in any sort of “high” whatsoever.  Which has always led me to think that if a strain is extremely stanky – chances are it’s going to be just as dank-y.

(Apologies for the lame rhyme scheme – I just couldn’t resist.)

Not only do many in the cannabis community find themselves cocking their heads to the side in tempered suspicion upon hearing such a claim from CannabCo, but they’re almost certain that such a decrease in scent would result in a dramatic drop (if not total removal) of potency.  But the folks over at CannabCo are staunch in their beliefs that that won’t be the case with Purecann.


Another thing that’s raised some eyebrows in the community is the obvious involvement of tech in the process of creating such a medium of cannabis.  Normally, us stoners pride ourselves on picking out the most organic, natural buds that we can get our hands on.  But, in order for the naturally occurring terpenes to be silenced, or in this case removed, that would only be accomplishable through the implementation of technology.  And, not to sound like a “worry wart” but the inclusion of any sort of “outside source” isn’t always welcomed with open arms, so to speak.  Especially in the wake of this whole “Tainted Vape” fiasco.

But not only does CannabCo CEO and President, Mark Pellicane, think it’s incredibly safe, he continues to explain why such a form of cannabis should be available to the smoking masses across the globe. 

During a press release on the matter, Pellicane was more than candid about his feelings in regards to Purecann.  In which, he stated, “A woman can carry cannabis in her purse without having the odour concentrated or leaking out in her handbag.”  Adding, “A number of users, and people that are around cannabis smokers, complain about the smell, especially in enclosed areas, condos, and apartments, and this technology addresses those concerns.”

I have to say, he’s got a point.  Far too often are enthusiasts reprimanded, punished, or simply judged for the scent of their cannabis, alone.  And that sort of negative stigma shouldn’t have to be the “norm” in societies – especially in ones that have already legalized its use. 

Canada alberta

Speaking on this particular issue, Pellicane remarked, “Since legalization in Canada, I often smell cannabis on the street and I smile thinking how far the industry has come in a relatively short period of time and experience the excitement of how much farther we will go. I’ve always been an advocate of free choice, and now cannabis users, both medical and recreational, have another choice.”

And honestly, what’s wrong with another option?  I certainly don’t see any issue with it.  But, despite my gradual build of confidence in this product, there’s still a handful of Pro-Marijuana doctors in the community who are having difficulty accepting such a form of cannabis.

One of these doctors in particular, Peter Grinspoon from Massachusetts General Hospital (and part of the Doctors for Cannabis Regulation board) was not shy about sharing his two cents on the matter.  For Grinspoon, his main beef has to do with the terpenes, themselves.  Sure, these elements of cannabis help the buds produce an enjoyable scent, but they are far more useful than that.

Limonene, for instance, is a terpene that can also be found in various citrus fruits, and it can help with the therapeutic properties of cannabis, as well.  Not to mention Linalool – which is often seen to help patients as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and anticonvulsant medicinal aide.  Grinspoon has been recorded saying, “Terpenes are such an important part of the enjoyment recreationally, as well as the medicinal properties.  Why would you take away the odor?”

When asked directly about his thoughts on Purecann, specifically, Grinspoon didn’t hold back.  The East Coast Doctor (and marijuana advocate) said, “It seems like a gimmick to me.” 

Interviewers then tried to inform him about the Canadian company’s promise that it’ll be less harsh to inhale, but he wasn’t buying such a statement, either.  In response to these statements, Grinspoon said, “How would they know that? I mean, you couldn’t do a randomized placebo-controlled trial because people would taste the difference.”

He’s not wrong.  But Pellicane and CannabCo couldn’t care less about any of the naysayers out there.  They’re extremely confident in their product, and are more than happy to brag about its benefits any chance they get.  And the basis of each of their claims almost always comes back to respect. 

Specifically, Pellicane said, “Cannabis is great, but there are human beings around us that do not, or cannot tolerate the smell. Children living in an apartment with neighbors that smoke down the hall, or at a public park where kids are playing.” 

Adding, “I know people personally that get nauseous or a headache around the odor. What is the harm in using cannabis and respecting others that do not want the odour when the situation requires it? It’s about respecting others as well.”

And, to be fair, I have a hard time arguing against that.  But, what side of the “Stink Fence” do you land on?

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