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Strain: Calm

Producer: Canndescent

Contributor: Terry Randall



pods are a kaleidoscope of colors 100%
no scent at all 20%
sweet grape flavor 100%
deeply relaxed state 80%

Calm Smoke Provides Pleasant Toke​
If you’ve been shopping at high-end dispensaries lately, you’ve no doubt come across some flower offered by Canndescent. This ultra-bougie grower has decided to forego traditional nomenclature in favor of strain names that sell a desired effect to the user -- Calm, Charge, Connect, and Cruise.

While it might be eye-catching, that’s also making a big promise. With a substance as highly-personal and subjective as marijuana, was this really a claim that their flowers could back up? Would smoking this strain truly make us calm? There’s only one way to find out.

Appearance: 5/5
Whatever reservations we had were challenged immediately by how amazing this plant looks. The plant pods are a kaleidoscope of colors. Each nug included shades of green, orange, and even leaves so dark they look purple. The plant itself is very dry to the touch, and offers little resistance to being pulled apart. Then, the leaves positively crumble in your fingers.

Aroma: 1/5
After enjoying their knockout good looks, we were highly disappointed by the scent of this flower. In fact, the problem was that it had no scent at all. This plant came to us with only the faintest of aromas, one that was slightly sweet, but mostly too waxy to decipher any subtleties. The whole ordeal was supremely disappointing.

Taste: 5/5
While there had been no odor to speak of, the flower made up for it by packing a burst of flavor into its smoke. Our inhales were strong, and our exhales had a sweet grape flavor to them. Almost like a piece of bubble gum. Each toke was relatively innocuous, but still bursting alive once packed inside your mouth. It was quite the surprise - and a very welcome one, indeed.

Effect: 4/5
From the packaging, we are informed that this strain will send us “...into a deeply relaxed state, ideal for winding down after a busy day and settling into a restorative sleep.”

We decided to take them up on their offer and smoke this strain after a long day. While we thought it was a bit mild at first, it turns out that this strain was a “sleeper.” Its magic crept up on us slowly, until we were completely under its spell. It felt like a Sativa high -- we were relaxed and focused, but not sleepy at all.

Overall, we enjoyed smoking this strain despite its more-than-slightly-pretentious name, Calm. But we ended up enjoying it because it ultimately delivers on its promise. It’s a low-key, light-hearted strain that produces a “calm” vibe through relaxing, Sativa-like vibes that help drown out distractions. We agree that this would be a good choice to enjoy before bed. But, we can also see it coming in handy during any time that anxiety (or over-thinking) might be an issue.

Alternative Herbal Health Services is a great dispensary. It hums with a modern efficiency that we wish all brand name weed stores had the capacity to possess. It stocks great products, has great budenters, and each visit results in a quick trip to a well-run shop. We only wish they all could be this good.

Canndescent - Calm - $20/g

7828 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone number:(323) 654-8792
Hours: Mon-Sat: 8am - 10pm, Sun: 10am - 10pm

In the progressive city of West Hollywood, nestled in the center of Los Angeles County, marijuana thrives - not only medicinally, but as a way of life. This city sports not one, not two, but three dispensaries that were named in High Times’ Top Ten Dispensaries in Los Angeles, including the shop we stepped into for the first time most recently, the Alternative Herbal Health Services, or AHHS.

This shop is located on Santa Monica Blvd, a stretch of road that used to be part of the infamous Route 66. You enter the shop through automatic sliding glass doors, and welcomed into a bright, pleasant shop that’s small enough to get a lot of natural light. To your left, the is a security guard.

Once inside, the display case will be on your right. It doubles as the sales counter, with budtenders assisting customers from behind it. The queue starts vaguely in the middle of the store and snakes backwards, curling along the back wall, lined with display cases that offer product showcases by bigger brand names. Cute stuff, but definitely not what we’re looking for. Show us the flower!

While waiting in line, we were able to look over the menu board, which is displayed across several big digital screens on the wall behind the counter. The pages rotate, offering prices and quantities for their selection of flower, edibles, pre-rolls, waxes, concentrates, tinctures and CBD products.

When it was our turn, we stepped up to the budtender with plenty of ideas and questions about the menu board. They assisted us aptly, answering our questions, while sliding us across the display case to show off their products. This shop carries a wide variety of items, and a lot of them look great. But their selection of plants is limited to brand-name growers selling pre-packaged amounts. Considering all the bigger shops do this now, this might be de rigueur from now on. Too bad, we love nothing more than to see big jars full of flower.

We were still able to find something that interested us, though. It was something from the Canndescent line of products known as, Calm.

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