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California Cannabis Indica

Strain: CC Indica

Producer: California Cannabis

Contributor: Olive Hardy



The leaves were a nearly-uniform shade of dark green 60%
Sweet and earthy 80%
Very crisp flavor that was slightly burned, slightly bitter, and very, very acrid 80%
Good head buzz 60%

CC Indica
We chose this strain because it was grown by the California Cannabis Collective. We always think it’s cool when a shop is able to offer plants that they helped cultivate. We think that, if nothing else, it should be a true gauge of the shop’s commitment to quality. If the stuff they grow isn’t all that great, then they probably don’t know what good bud is to begin with.

Appearance: 3/5
Just like it’s namesake, we found the look of this plant to be a bit generic. The leaves were a nearly-uniform shade of dark green, and the orange tendrils that did pop onto the surface were so dark they were almost brick-red. The underside of most leaves had a light sprinkle of crystals. If you looked up marijuana in the encyclopedia, this is the picture you would see.

Aroma: 4/5
While the look didn’t surprise us much, the smell of this flower sure did. It gave off a rich, full-figured scent that was both sweet and earthy, with a nice warmth behind it. The citrus tones were strong and bitter, and the rounded end to the fragrance reminded us of a soft and sweet marshmallow odor.

Taste: 4/5
This was one of the stronger smokes we’ve had in quite some time. As we puffed away, we tasted a very crisp flavor that was slightly burned, slightly bitter, and very, very acrid. On our exhales, we felt our tongue tingle a little bit. Which was surprising, considering we didn’t see that many crystals around the surface. Smoking this plant was akin to chewing a piece of “weed gum.”

Effect: 3/5
While this plant was comically labeled “Indica,” at least we had an idea of what we could expect. And, to be honest, it delivered. This was a straightforward, no-frills Indica high that gave us a good head buzz. It was a strong feeling that made it hard to focus on anything. While it distracted us a bit, it didn’t fill our attention span with any good vibes, nor did it inspire us to silliness. It got us stoned, but that’s all it did.

The name was generic, and so were the effects. CC’s Indica got us stoned, but it didn’t stand out in any discernible way. We were so high, that it was hard to get anything done, so we wouldn’t recommend this if you’re looking to “up” your productivity.

Enjoy this strain before an event. We think it might be well-suited for that type of situation, but completely wrong for any time you want to relax, or turn your brain off.

CCM (California Cannabis Melrose) is a literal house of goodness that we’d be willing to re-visit anytime. Not only do they sell great products, but they grow some great bud, as well.

CC Indica - $20/g, $50/8th

654 N. Manhattan Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone number: (323) 979-2568
Hours:10am - 10pm, 7 days a week

If there’s one thing we love about dispensaries, it’s the unique spaces we find them in. No two are ever alike, and if they are, it’s usually because they belong to a corporate outfit (*cough* MedMen *cough*). These places often apply the McDonald’s philosophy of “it-should-be-the-same-everywhere.”

While that might be comforting to some, that’s a turn-off for us. We like living in big cities for the unique establishments you find here - and only here. And, for the most part, weed shops provide that experience in spades. Speaking of, we really loved the location of the last spot we visited called, California Cannabis Melrose.

Located near the intersection of Western and Melrose (the “basement” of Hollywood, the “ceiling” of Koreatown), this place is just a few doors down from Melrose, on Manhattan Pl.

The shop is a converted house, and there’s a driveway with parking in the back. For this busy neighborhood with a free-for-all parking situation, that’s a crucial innovation that gives California Cannabis Melrose (CCM) a serious leg-up on the competition, of which there is a lot - especially in this area.

For those not in the area, this strip of Melrose is known as “Cannabis Row” because of its high number of high-quality shops that sell you things to get you, well, high.

We parked in back and walked around to the front of the house. Stepping through the glass door, you enter a waiting room that’s nice and spacious. It’s got big leather chairs, and it’s well-painted and decorated. This place wants you to feel like you’ve stepped into a doctor’s office, not a convenience store. After a quick check-in with Security behind the glass, we were buzzed into the showroom.

The showroom was another big space, but there’s a pillar right by the door that gives the illusion of it being smaller than it actually is. The room is dominated by a large, obviously custom made, display case that shows off their products at chest height. Which, essentially means that nobody has to do any awkward leaning-down to get a good look at anything.

Besides the big case (which doubles as the checkout counter), there was a large museum-style display in the room that showed off their products. Also, the menu and pricing was easily seen hanging on the wall. Since there were things all around us, it took us a minute to orient ourselves to our new THC surroundings. Luckily, our budtender was super chill, and allowed us the freedom to really get the lay of the land.

What disappointed us about this shop was that we saw very few flowers on display. CCM carries mostly branded-plants that come pre-sealed. Which means you won’t be seeing any big jars of flowers, like we prefer. As for the rest of the selection, they had edibles hanging on the back wall, a decent vape selection, waxes, and limited CBD products.

Even though there wasn’t a lot of flower to see from the start, our budtender did open up the display jars to give us a look at what we were considering. And it was with considerable pride that they decided to show off a selection of flowers that came from their own collective. That was ultimately what piqued our interest.

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