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Cake Batter

Strain: Cake Batter

Producer: Maven Genetics

Contributor: Hercule Preroll



This flower had medium-green leaves, with dark orange tendrils 100%
The smell is both cool and slightly sweet in a warm, fruity way 80%
Little bit of sweetness from the strawberries, as well as a little bit of cool from the mint. 80%
A very significant body buzz that felt like it just relaxed us all over 100%

This strain from Maven Genetics came to me, via the budtender. Usually I’m not the biggest Sativa fan, but it’s a great change of pace that usually knocks me on my butt because it hits differently than I’m used to. So, I threw down some green for this green, and hoped to trick my body into getting more stoned than usual.

Appearance 5/5
The reason for this name became apparent as soon as I opened the bag -- it looked like it was covered in frosting. This flower had medium-green leaves, with dark orange tendrils, but all of that takes a backseat to the white crystals that cover the pods like a fresh snowfall. They’re so prominent that they made the entire plant look lighter and whiter, and this flower sparkles like a confectionary treat.

Aroma 4/5
Just like the delectable look of this flower, the aroma coming off of it also reminded me of something so sweet I could almost taste it. The smell is both cool and slightly sweet in a warm, fruity way. Instead of the common citrus, this flower reminded me of strawberries and mint mixed together in… well, I don’t know what, to be completely honest. But if you know what it is, cut me a slice.

Taste 4/5
This was one of the most divisive tasting flowers I’ve smoked in a long time. While I puffed away on it, I could taste a little bit of sweetness from the strawberries, as well as a little bit of cool from the mint.

But my friend smoking it with me, swore that it tasted like stale pretzels. We legitimately argued about it back and forth as we kept smoking, with each side bringing up some fairly good points. Either way, it made for great conversation that, ultimately, led to more good times.

Effect 5/5
This Cake Batter was a delightful strain that got us very baked. We felt a mild head buzz, but there was a very significant body buzz that felt like it just relaxed us all over. Our back muscles loosened up, and our stomach was instantly settled. This was a great feeling that provided a very blissful feeling of being truly blessed.

This Sativa recommendation from the budtender was right on, and now we’re passing on the secret good vibes to all of you.  This strain is perfect for a relaxing afternoon, or to combat anxiety, fear, or social nausea.  No matter what ails you, this Cake Batter is going to chill you out.

Even though this shop’s Walk of Fame-adjacent location makes it an ideal stop for tourists, this place is too good for them.  It’s a great dispensary with killer products, and it deserves to be ranked amongst the best in all of Los Angeles, not just Hollywood.  So don’t let the out-of-towners get all the good weed.  Plan on making the trip up Cahuenga to visit MMD Hollywood soon - you’ll be happy you did.

Cake Batter (Sativa) - $14 for 1 gram

1515 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (877) 420-5874
Open: 8am - 9:50pm, 7 days a week

I don’t often find myself in the heart of Hollywood, unless I’ve got friends or family visiting from out of town. There’s not much along the Walk of Fame for local Angelenos, unless you’re seeing a movie at the Cinerama Dome or buying some vinyl at Amoeba Records. Or so I thought, because I am arriving very late to the knowledge that there’s a great dispensary right in the heart of the city. It’s called MMD Hollywood, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably driven right past it.

Admittedly, it’s hard to miss -- the exterior is covered with leafy greens, not to mention the medical crosses and big MMD sign in Broadway-style lights. Okay, so it’s not so subtle. But, to be fair, it also happens to be right near the corner of Cahuenga and Sunset, which if you don’t know, is a high-traffic nightmare that you usually avoid unless you’re a poor soul grinding out a rush hour commute.

But if you do brave the traffic, you will be greatly rewarded. Stepping through the front door is like entering an oasis in the desert. Inside the waiting room, the air is cool and calm, with lots of space and big, comfy seats for you to park yourself in while waiting for admittance. I went just before lunchtime, and the queue wasn’t very long. Although I did notice that it started to build up behind me. Not my problem, though!

You actually step downstairs into the showroom at this place. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have a dingy basement or fallout shelter vibe. Once you enter the showroom, it’s bright, sleek, and well-designed. You wait in between two stanchions in the middle of the room for the next available budtender, which gives you time to browse the large display case that wraps around the room.

I saw a lot of products, including pre-rolls, waxes, vapes, tons of CBD stuff, and four cases full of flower. They had two cases -- a Top Shelf and a Mid-Shelf one, each had its very own side of the room. I could see small jars of bud that were classified by strain type and labeled by price. Most were only available in eighths, but some also came in gram quantities.

Once it was my turn, the budtender was very helpful. And they showed me the flower by bringing the jars out of the case and removing the lid entirely, allowing me a full view of the plant, as well as all the free smells I could handle.

I showed up that day looking for a Sativa, and I was recommended a strain that I couldn't refuse -- it was called, Cake Batter.

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