Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For When Buying CBD Products

Buyer's Guide- What To Look For When Buying CBD Oil Online
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Contributor: KC Scannell

With the number of states legalizing marijuana, either medically or recreationally, on the rise, we are seeing an influx of items filling up the shelves of dispensaries across the nation. Which makes a whole lot of sense. I mean, for decades marijuana was vehemently prohibited by the government, thus making anyone who chose to partake in, buy, sell, or grow cannabis – of any kind – a full blown criminal. That sort of distinction by the “powers that be” greatly impeded the evolution of cannabis, and its various mediums.

Luckily, those days are in the past, and the country is, slowly but surely, warming up to the thought of full-blown legalization from coast to coast. Thus, more marijuana innovations have been taking place. And since these doors of opportunity have swung open in the past handful of years, more and more unique mediums of cannabis have dominated the marketplace.

Here’s The Best Way To Shop For CBD Products

Things like vape pens, cartridges, topicals, tinctures, concentrates, and extracts have gradually taken over the display case real estate at the typical cannabis club. And rightfully so. These products are super potent, reliably amazing, and not too expensive. But, as popular as those items may be, none of them can even hold a candle to the continually sought-after portion of the cannabis industry, known only as, CBD.

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Buyer's Guide What To Look For When Buying CBD Products

Unless you’ve been living under an actual rock, you’ve likely heard about this non-psychoactive cannabis medium. This naturally occurring cannabinoid has been present in marijuana for quite some time now, but only in recent years have we fully realized the therapeutic powers and medicinal benefits that this cannabis component can deliver.

With THC, users experience varying levels of being “high.” Which, to be fair, is widely preferred by the average cannabis consumer. In fact, it’s what made marijuana so popular in the first place. But, as time as dredged on, many have come to rely heavily on cannabis as a medical aid, and their wantingness to get “high” while they medicate has dropped severely.

Also, elder cannabis enthusiasts, and those who are prone to anxiety and stress issues, utilize the calming powers of CBD regularly. And, over time, the demand for CBD has grown into the nationwide phenomenon we are currently seeing unfold right before our eyes. And when I say “nationwide” – I mean it. Seriously. You can get CBD products damn near everywhere nowadays – you don’t even need to go to a dispensary.

Liquor stores, gas stations, hell, even supermarkets are starting to get in on the CBD craze, with each location sporting massive display cases full of therapeutic products for sale. And, seeing as how they are non-psychoactive, they are legally allowed to do so.

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Buyer's Guide: What To Look For When Buying CBD Products

To be honest, I think these places should be allowed to sell THC-infused products, as well, but that’s a whole other story for another day. For now, CBD is damn near everywhere you look. And, with so many options to choose from, it can be increasingly difficult to know which one is the right one for you.

That’s why I’m here to offer up some useful tips and tricks to employ during your next CBD shopping excursion.

First thing’s first, while there are all sorts of CBD products out there, I’d suggest going for some CBD oil. This medicinal medium of CBD is reliable, potent, and readily available. So, it’s best to educate yourself on this realm of the market first, before moving onward to any other items, in my opinion.

Another thing that you’ll want to consider initially on this CBD journey is the legitimacy of where you’re buying your products from.

Buyer's Guide: What To Look For When Buying CBD Products

Unfortunately, as CBD is so popular, there have been a number of black market operations popping up, claiming to offer up the best CBD around. However, these unregulated businesses are often full of lies, and their products are not only lacking effectiveness, they could be chock full of pesticides or contaminants. So, if anything feels sketchy about a location or website, simply trust your gut, and get the heck out of there.

A great way to sniff out legitimacy at a CBD retailer is through a bit of detective work.

If they have any sort of background information on their products, and how they were made, that is always a good sign. A reputable retailer wants their customers to be fully informed about their products. They want to appear trustworthy, but also, if they are proud of their CBD items, they should be more than happy to brag about their origin story. Any sort of sketchy dealer wouldn’t dare divulge such information into their illegal doings. So, seeing something like that on a company’s website (or packaging) is a good indication of quality.

Also, during your analyzation process of a CBD product, company, or retailer, be sure to do your due diligence by sniffing out some customer reviews. As you could imagine, black market operations don’t offer up quality products, therefore, they often get lambasted in the comment sections. However, if a place can elicit some sort of positive response, the chances of them being 100% above board increases.

Buyer's Guide: What To Look For When Buying CBD Products

That sort of sentiment is multiplied if they make these customer reviews available through their own website. Any company that shows the highs and lows of their clientele’s experience is worth trusting. That sort of transparency simply isn’t in existence over at illegal, black market retailers.

But, when looking through these customer reviews, examine them a bit deeper. If they are on a company’s website, but there’s only a few of them, all of which are doing nothing but praising the company, that’s a bit sketchy. It’s not a full-on proof of fraud, but it definitely feels like they are “fudging the numbers” with their lack of critiques and criticisms. Nobody’s perfect, after all.

In addition to that, see if these people leaving the comments are actually real. Many black market operations create fake profiles to enhance their curb appeal through positive comments. So, just remember to keep a watchful eye out for any of that comment-related chicanery.

Once you feel like you’ve successfully sussed out whether or not a place is legitimate, you can refocus your attention on the CBD oils, themselves. Take a look at their genetic make-up, where they were produced, and what they “say” they will help with. Also, check out if there is any THC in there, as well.

Buyer's Guide: What To Look For When Buying CBD Products

For those of you unaware, in order for a product to legally call itself CBD, it has to have less than .3% THC in it. That low level of the psychoactive component of cannabis isn’t nearly large enough to release its typical series of mental and physical effects. However, more companies are coming out with combo CBD:THC items, as the THC has been seen to help “power” the therapeutic properties of CBD, without the consumer succumbing to any sort of unwanted “high.”

When looking for CBD oils online, it all comes down to trust. If you establish an honest connection with a company or retailer, after vetting them with the above methods, then you should feel comfortable enough to proceed onward with a purchase. Companies who share your same passion for all things cannabis, are sure to provide a quality product and calming experience.

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