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Strain: Blueberry

Producer: Silver Lake Caregivers Group

Contributor: Micheal Avalos



Strong white dusting of crystals all around 100%
Strong, sweet flavor 100%
Perfect blend of power and deliciousness 100%
Felt relaxed, loose, and alert 80%

Appearance 5/5
We love the look of this guy. A lightly-shaded Indica flower, with a strong white dusting of crystals all around. It was sparkling from every angle. It was basically begging to be smoked.

Aroma 5/5
This strain comes packed with a strong, sweet flavor that definitely reminds us of blueberries. This one is so sweet, it instantly smells like a Sativa. It might have fooled our nose, but it didn’t fool the rest of our senses once we smoked it.

Flavor 5/5
That berry flavor hit our tongue as soon as we took our first puff. It was strong, but didn’t burn our taste buds. This perfect blend of power and deliciousness resulted in an enjoyable smoke session.

Effect 4/5
When the high settled in, we realized that the effect was just like the flavor -- present, but not persistent. This was a light-hearted high that didn’t drag us down or zone us out. We felt relaxed, loose, and alert. No munchies or paranoia side effects to report, either. This would be perfect for when you want that strong Indica feeling, but don’t want to knock yourself into tomorrow.

We loved this strain. It had a great aroma and flavor, and the effects were strong without overwhelming us. This is a peppy smoke that definitely delivers a buzz, but it won’t drown out the world around you. Well-balanced and quite flavorful. Pass that again, please?

Blueberry (Indica) - $10/g, $30/8th

While we’re pretty sure one of our parents told us that you should never buy things underneath a highway overpass, this little shop totally proves them wrong. Silver Lake Caregivers Group was a positively dope experience.

Our budtender was super-friendly and totally knew their stuff. They set us up with three great strains that will suit any occasion, and we can’t wait to pay them another visit to see what else they have to offer.

2464 Fletcher Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone number: +1 323-664-1913
Hours: 10am - 8pm, 7 days a week 

Silver Lake Caregivers Group Dispensary . Far away to the east, where Atwater meets Silverlake’s edge...
You’ll find an enchanted garden, resting under a bridge…

No, that’s not some classic nursery rhyme. It’s the key to finding this legendary shop, Silver Lake Caregivers Group. While not actually located under a bridge, this dispensary sits near the I-5 freeway on Fletcher Avenue. If you’re not careful, you’ll miss the turn into the driveway, where you can find parking in the back. Which is totally clutch for this high-traffic area, especially around rush hour. But don’t let the commute wear you down, because visiting this righteous spot is a sure way to brighten your day.

Unlike most of the places we visit, the Silver Lake Caregivers Group is unique in that their waiting room and showroom are one big space separated by a decorative wrought-iron doorway that feels like it was stolen off a local mansion.

From the front door, we were also able to spot a room in the back that looked like a growhouse. Whoa. This place was seriously piquing our interest, and we couldn’t wait to get past the gates and get a better look at the goods. After a short wait, it was our turn inside, and the rest was history.

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