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Blue Raspberry Gummies (Hybrid)

Strain: Blue Raspberry Gummies

Producer: Kanha

Contributor: Charlie Padre



Quarter-sized blue discs covered with that fine sugar coating 60%
Blue Raspberry 60%
Sweet 60%
Very relaxing sensation 80%

Kanha Blue Raspberry Gummies (Hybrid)
We had never heard of the Kanha line of gummy treats before our last visit to CCM. These bites came highly recommended by our budtender, and we were anxious to try them for one reason alone -- the bites were substantially big. On our last edible outing, the ubiquitously advertised Kushy Punch, didn’t satisfy us because the actual gummies were barely the size of a dime. They might have been loaded with THC, but it would take half the package for us to get that gummy mouth-feel we desired. And, to be fair, that’s half the reason to buy a gummy edible, in the first place. But, with these bigger bite-sized treats, we thought they could be strike the right balance between tasty and stoney.

Appearance: 3/5
While a gummy always looks like a gummy, we must admit that these didn’t look very appetizing. These quarter-sized blue discs covered with that fine sugar coating needed no help falling out of the packaging they came in. They were flat, flimsy, and easily squished. We didn’t “love” the look, but that’s a bigger criticism of gummies, overall. What we did appreciate was how big they were, and how one bite offers up a good THC dose, along with a satisfying sugar-high.

Aroma: 3/5
We chose the Blue Raspberry flavor, and we definitely got a strong hit of that scent when we dipped our noses into the bag. It was strong, artificial, all the right ways. No hints of cannabis (or THC) ever made an appearance during the sniffing process. Beware: These gummies look completely harmless, so be careful.

Taste: 3/5
While the aroma might have carried a strong blue raspberry scent, the blueberry taste we hoped for failed to show up on our taste buds. Yes, there was a hint of the flavor, but it seemed to be coming primarily from our nostrils. The gummies tasted fine, generically sweet, with each bite proving to be extra chewy on our teeth. We enjoyed it - as much as we enjoy normal, sugary gummies.

Effect: 4/5
We started slow with only one 10 mg gummy. After forty-five minutes, we popped another one. Then our impatience got the best of us, because we ended up taking a third treat shortly after that. Turns out, with these gummies: The third time’s a charm, baby!

We definitely had fun after eating these THC-infused treats. The sensation was warm and giggly, and it made us feel like our lives had become a silly comedy, with each one of us playing a main character. Everything seemed brighter, lighter, and looser. It was a very relaxing sensation, and it wound up being a very breezy afternoon.

These Kanha Gummies are really great edibles. Not only do they pack 10 mg of THC into every bite, but the bites, themselves, are big enough to be enjoyable simply as a confectionery treat. The blue raspberry taste wasn’t the most complex, but it was sweet and sugary. It delivered a gummy flavor that was on the cheaper side of things, however.

Despite what our friend, Dusty, believes, we still prefer the smooth gummies to the sugary ones. But if we were forced into it, or just had a hankering for a sugary gummy (with a little THC kick), then Kanha Gummies would be our number one choice.

Kanha Blue Raspberry Gummies (Hybrid) - $25 for 1 bag (100mg THC)

654 N. Manhattan Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone number: (323) 979-2568
Hours:  10am - 10pm, 7 days a week

I was hanging out with my good friend, Dusty, the other day. We were just passing a joint around, listening to a jazz record pipe through the speakers. Conversation was idle, and it eventually turned to candy. That’s where things started to get dicey. Soon, there was a full-out argument between the both of us, as to which type of gummy was better -- the smooth kind or the sugary kind.

I, of course, being a sane conneussier of candy with an indelible pallette, argued that smooth gummies were the best. “They’re chewier than the other kind,” I said. “And you can mold them into funny shapes.”

Now, Dusty is a heathen with zero taste, so he was debating with me that the sugary kind of gummies were superior. “No way,” he said. “The sugary ones are the best. They have flavor on the inside and the outside.”

“The sugary kind are too...sugary,” I responded.

“There’s no such thing as too much sugar,” Dusty clapped back.

“Yes there is. Because if it’s too much, then I can’t eat it. Like Sour Patch Kids, for example. Those have too much sugar and are way too sour. My mouth is puckering just thinking about them,” I reasoned.

“Dude, Sour Patch Kids are the best!” he exclaimed.

“No way. Gummy Bears are the best gummies - hands down. They’re cute and, when you eat them, you feel like a bloodthirsty giant,” I said.

“Oh yeah? Well, Sour Worms make me feel like a bald eagle. With a sweet tooth,” he said.

The subject switched after that, but my opinion has not. I prefer the smooth gummies to the sugary kind. The extra texture on the surface is fine, but the thick coat of flavor is unnecessary, and can make an already-sweet-treat too sweet for my liking.

Anyway, it was during my last visit to CCM (California Cannabis Melrose), that I discovered an alternative brand of THC gummy that I had never seen before: Kanha Gummies.

The attractive looking treat comes in a vacuum sealed bag, and in tons of assorted flavors, as well as various strain types (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid.) Not only that, but unlike a lot of gummies that we’ve seen on the market, these are the sugary kind.

While I still believe I’m correct in my preference for smooth gummies, I must admit that I need to put my theory to the test every so often, just to make sure that it still holds true. That’s just good science, people!

So, in the name of science, we decided to add some Kanha Gummies onto our order.

User's Reviews:

Needed something for acute pain and appetite

Rated 5 out of 5
June 19, 2021

I was concerned about taking too much because I had a bad experience with couch lock a couple years ago so I started off by cutting one in half and then ate other half four hours later. First half I could feel pain decrease slightly. After second half pain decreased half. Appetite kicked in the same day and next day after spitting two over the day I was a vacuum cleaner for food plus I felt happy and not depressed because of my freak accident with the ankle. I am very low tolerance with cannabis so everyone is different.

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