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Strain: Biscotti - Indica

Producer: Dope Girls LA

Contributor: Michael Avalos



Even shade of green, with orange pockets in between 80%
Buttery cookie, both warm and sweet, with hints of lemon undertones 80%
Created a super-appealing, fresh-baked taste 80%
Real strong kick 100%

Biscotti - Indica
We love biscotti (the cookie), especially when we can enjoy it when coffee - which is another thing we like to pair with weed. So, this strain felt like a natural item to pick up, as soon as it popped up on our radar.

Appearance 4/5
To borrow a few words from a classic cartoon, this strain has “more than meets the eye.” Upon first glance, you might not think it looks spectacular. I mean, the leaves are an even shade of green, with orange pockets in between. But, only with a closer look, you start to see the fine dusting of crystals covering everything, including generous deposits along the bottom of the leaves. Once you know those crystals are there, this plant sparkles like a chandelier.

Aroma 4/5
While the name didn’t make sense to us, at first, we totally understood how this strain got to be named Biscotti once we got a whiff of this plant. The pods carry the same muted smell of a buttery cookie, both warm and sweet, with hints of lemon undertones. It was surprising to smell something so complex and different from our plants. It was truly incredible.

Taste 4/5
As you might be able to guess, adding fire to this flower made the smoke smell of cookies. And it created a super-appealing, fresh-baked taste in our mouths. While the carbon taste of the smoke did linger a little longer than other strains, it was only a minor annoyance in an otherwise wonderful strain.

Effect 5/5
This cookie hit us with a real strong kick. The effects were almost immediate, and started with our faces going red and feeling flush. We were focused and totally dedicated to whatever was in front of us at the moment. But it was difficult to focus on anything for too long. We soon found ourselves bouncing off the walls, with our attention spans always being hungry for more.

We found this Biscotti to be quite the treat. It was a very strong strain that knocked us on our butts for hours after we smoked it.

While we don’t blame a budtender for smoking a little on the job, we can’t help but be a little upset when they can’t handle their high. Luckily, we’ve never had anyone so inebriated that they haven’t been able to do their duties. But, we’ve had plenty of instances when they’ve moved a little slower (or talked way more) than we expected. But hey, it’s a big world, and we’ve all got to live in it. If that’s the worst thing that happened to us in a day, we consider ourselves lucky.

Biscotti (Indica) - $10/g, $35/8th

6214 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone number: (213) 454-0811
Hours: 11am - 11pm, 7 days a week 

This statement isn’t going to blow anybody’s mind but, sometimes, we’ve noticed that budtenders might be a little stoned.

Like we said, not a groundbreaking nugget of information, by any means.

Of course, we can only imagine that one of the sweetest perks of working in the marijuana industry is that you get to sample the goods. From our personal experience, we can confirm that, indeed, that is a very, very sweet perk. And while it’s nowhere near as problematic as a bartender that gets drunk on the job, we must admit that it can hinder the transactional process a tad.

In our experience, there are three types of stoned budtenders:

Danny Distraction. This budtender is so baked they can barely focus on the task at hand. Their attention span is non-existent, and they are easily distracted by music, idle conversation, or off-hand comments of any kind. They say things like, “Wait...where was I?” or “Uh...what am I doing now?” It would be easy to get angry at them, but they always appear to be having the best time.

Tony Talks-A-Lot. We like to engage in idle chit-chat with our budtender, but this type of stoned employee takes everything way too far. Like way, waaaay too far. You won’t be able to escape a detailed account of their day, or their personal philosophy on any subject matter that happens to pop up. Unable to spot until it’s too late, this budtender can hold you hostage, while incessantly talking your ear off. This is another person that would typically rile us up, but how can you be mad at someone who’s just trying to be friendly?

Sally Slowdown. Okay, this person is the one that does get on our nerves. This budtender is so baked that they, literally, move slower than “molasses in January,” as our Grandmother used to say. They’ve gotten too stoned to function, but they’re doing it anyway - kinda. While this budtender doesn’t have a motor-mouth, it often takes them just as long to complete a task as if they did. Nobody should be punished for trying to focus and get their job done, but c’mon, maybe don’t puff too many times when you’re on the clock, huh?

While these budtenders can be slightly annoying, we must admit that we can’t be too angry at anybody involved in the process of buying marijuana. It’s not something we want to get persnicketicky about. That’d be like getting mad that your hot air balloon ride took too long. At a certain point, you just need to accept the ride you’re on, and go with it.

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