Beginner’s Guide: How To Properly Dose Edibles

Beginner_s Guide- How To Properly Dose Edibles
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Contributor: KC SCANNELL

Alrighty. So, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to try your hand at some edibles. But you’re not exactly sure what to expect, or even how to go about it.

Sure, some may think that partaking in a digestible form of marijuana is as easy as eating it. And, to be fair, they’re not wrong. But their lack of specificity is likely going to result in an over-consumption of THC, leading to an undesirable series of effects, especially if they have a low tolerance.

Stay Safe With This In-Depth Guide On Edible Dosing

When it comes to shopping for an edible, these days, cannabis enthusiasts are spoiled with a plethora of different options to choose from. Back in the day, the typical choices when it came to edible forms of marijuana were the standard brownie or cookie. Since those early years, the edible realm of cannabis has increased tenfold, with new culinary options full of THC being introduced to the marketplace every single week.

Basically, if it’s digestible, cannabis chefs will find a way to infuse THC into it. These products, obviously, vary in flavor and effects, but the same sentiment could be said for how edibles affect people, in general.

Beginner_s Guide- How To Properly Dose Edibles 1

What I mean by that is, everybody reacts differently to an edible.

It all depends on your specific body chemistry. Some are more susceptible to be intoxicated by the power of edible marijuana, where others don’t feel much, if anything at all. It really is a case by case basis. So, you’ll need to conduct some critical trial and error before landing on your “go-to” edible and dosage.

Speaking of dosage, when it comes to this little experimentation phase during the infancy stages of your edible endeavors, you’ll want to make sure you take just the right amount. That way, you’ll more accurately gauge that product’s effectiveness, without succumbing to any unwanted side-effects.

We’ve all heard many a tale about how someone ate “too much” of an edible, and proceeded to “freak out.” While there is a shred of truth to these stories, I can’t help but find myself disheartened by them whenever I hear one. Like I just alluded to above, everyone reacts to cannabis differently, especially when eaten. So, when someone has a “less-than-desirable” experience, that’s usually a result of negligence and inexperience on their part.

In short, those people are to blame for their bad experience – not marijuana. And, had they adhered to a similar set of rules for dosing, like I am about to breakdown for you now, they would’ve had an amazing time, as opposed to spiraling into a paranoid-induced panic.

Beginner_s Guide- How To Properly Dose Edibles 2

Any “bad experience” can usually be traced back to the consumer, not the edible. And, it’s important to know exactly how to handle such an overconsumption.

If you are aware of how to calm yourself down, and recenter your thoughts, you won’t have any issues whatsoever. So, if you unfortunately find yourself in the throes of an anxious moment, remember to calm down, take deep breaths, drink some water, and sit (or lay) down in a mellow, relaxing environment. Simply remind yourself that you are fine, and the period of discomfort will soon fade away from existence – I promise.

But, like I said, if you follow my tips and tricks when it comes to applying the proper dose, your entire edible endeavor will go off without a hitch. So, you may not even need to calm yourself whatsoever.

For those unaware, edibles are categorized by the amount of THC found throughout. The common edible can range anywhere for 5mg of THC all the way up to 100mg (and possibly even more). So, allow me to get a bit more in-depth about those THC doses, and how you should approach them.

Beginner_s Guide- How To Properly Dose Edibles 3

If something is between 1-2.5mg of THC, this is considered a microdose. This is a great introduction to edibles for first-time consumers. Though they may not feel it right away, it’s important to remember that you should allow 2 hours before upping your dose. If nothing happens after an hour, grab some non-medicated grub to kick-start your body’s digestion process. Sometimes, that’s all the encouragement needed for the THC to finally flow its way through your body.

Moving up to the 2.5-15mg dose, things get a little bit different. There is most definitely a stronger series of effects at this level of THC. A sense of calming euphoria is often experienced at this potency mark. If you find that marijuana helps you become more social in a crowded setting, this is the level you should aim for – at least when you’re starting out. It’s also known to help those who struggle with sleepless nights and/or chronic aches and pains.

Excelling into the 15-30mg region, things most certainly get “kicked up a notch,” that’s for sure.

Here, if you are not used to edibles, or if your tolerance isn’t very high, this is a potential turning point, as far as dosing is concerned. For those finding themselves on the more “rookie” end of things, this may be too much to handle at first. No, you won’t start flipping out or anything, but you may start to experience a bit of discomfort. However, if you follow my aforementioned tips for talking yourself out of such a state, you should be fine in no time.

In short, that level is for the more experienced cannabis enthusiast, so if that’s not exactly “you” just yet, I’d recommend going for a lower dose, until your body knows how to handle that amount of THC.

The 30-50mg range is basically the same, just a touch heightened. Here, even experienced edible users can find themselves feeling a bit uneasy if they over-consume too much THC at once. Which is why these doses are typically for people who specifically have a digestion issue. It’s not as easy for their bodies to feel the effects of an edible without a large dose, so unless this is your particular scenario, I’d opt for a smaller amount of THC, just to be safe.

Beginner_s Guide- How To Properly Dose Edibles 4

Finally, we have the 50-100mg level of edibles. As you could probably already surmise, via context clues, this amount of THC is strictly for the heavily-experienced cannabis fan. Also, these sky high levels of potency are usually relegated to those who rely on marijuana as a medicinal aid and pain reliever for major illness and ailments.

For example, cancer patients can benefit greatly from such a dosage. Before medical marijuana, these poor people were subjected to a litany of prescription drugs. These opioids, however, often do more harm than good.

With the passing of medicinal marijuana, though, these patients have been able to utilize the organic, non-lethal benefits of cannabis completely carefree. Allowing them to live a more fruitful, pain-free life.

But, if you’re a brand new member to the world of edibles, this level of THC is way out of your league. And, unless you’re looking to be overwhelmed by the psychoactive effects, I’d strongly urge you to take it down a peg or two, and grab yourself something in the 2.5-15mg range, especially if you’re just starting out.

If you’re still not quite understanding how to accurately dose yourself when it comes to edibles, feel free to check out our “dosing calculator” which can be found on every single page of our website. This is a guaranteed way to ensure that your edible experience will be an enjoyable one.

Happy eating, my fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

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