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Amnesia Haze

Strain: Amnesia Haze - Sativa

Producer: Korea Town Budz

Contributor: KC Scannell



It’s basically a standard bud 60%
This haze carries a subtle aroma 60%
This strain packs a very mellow, earthy flavor 60%
Definitely feeling like you’re in a haze 80%

Amnesia Haze (Sativa) - $6/g, $20/8th

Appearance 3/5
This plant has a very healthy look that sticks together (but not to our fingers). The overall construction of each nug is dense, but there’s no discerning characteristics that jump out at us. It’s basically a standard bud. Which isn’t bad, but we were left wanting a whole lot more, to be honest.

Aroma 3/5
This haze carries a subtle aroma. It’s really not a whole lot to write home about, so to speak. But there was definitely some enjoyable aspects that my nostrils were able to enjoy. I just wish there was more personality to the overall scent profile, that’s all. Oh well.

Flavor 3/5
This strain packs a very mellow, earthy flavor. Not the greatest, but far from the worst. Again, if there was a touch more detail to this taste, we’d have more to say about it. Sadly, that’s just not the case. Perhaps, it’s called “Amnesia Haze” because it’s so forgettable.

Effect 4/5
Don’t sleep on this bud. While the first taste may not hit you like a ton of bricks, after a few puffs, this sleeper strain will have you definitely feeling like you’re in a haze. This is a Sativa that feels like an Indica, if you’ve had too much of it. But that’s a good thing. The body high hits you right away, with calm waves of good feelings. But if you stick around for a bowl or two, you’re likely to feel so buzzy in the brain, that you’ll wonder where you are, and what the hell happened to you.

While we weren’t initially feeling the effects here, all of that changed quickly. It starts off with that nice body buzz that we’ve come to expect from a Sativa. But if you make the classic mistake of smoking too much too soon, then you’ll be surprised at how big and bold of a high you’re feeling after just a few minutes. You’ll be feeling a full-body series of effects, with a head-trip that won’t be oppressive, nor will it ruin any future plans.

Long story short -- if you’re not careful, this Sativa will definitely put you under its spell. While you might not develop full-on amnesia, it definitely provides the haze. One of the great things about Korea Town Budz is their store hours. They’re open late. Like real late. Which means that all you night owls and post-work stoners can make this your new late-night shop.

2819 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Open: 10am - 3am, 7 days a week

The shop has an anonymous storefront, with the tiniest of waiting rooms set against the glass windows. Don’t let this humble appearance throw you off; this is not a slick corporate dispensary. This is a funky little shop that has a real shaggy-dog charm, and that’s a good thing.

Personally, we like feeling as comfortable as possible when purchasing marijuana. And we think that’s how it should be at every single dispensary. There’s no need for any high falutin corporate vibe or aesthetic with cannabis clubs. That sort of design niche should be left for boardrooms and whatnot. When it comes to dispensaries, the more chill - the better. That’s what we always say.

Before long, we were being helped by a super nice, incredibly knowledgeable budtender. There was plenty of product to gaze upon, too. Normally, this is the part of the shopping process we love the most: the browsing. And, without feeling pressured to “hurry up” our budtender waited for us to zero in on a few things before offering up their assistance. What we walked away with was a super interesting Sativa called, Amnesia Haze.

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