A guide to increasing THC and CBD content in cannabis harvests

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Contributor: Carl Fullerton

Time is essential. As it is, you have not gone through the effort of harvesting early or overlooking these buds’ potency, which would lead to losing your THC or CBD. It can take up to two months for either an indica or a Sativa strain to reach full flower.

You will eventually see your blossoms merge into large kolas as your plant grows. There will be crystals, and they will become more sticky as a result. Several leaves will become yellowish as a result. If you do not want the yellow leaves, you can get rid of them.

In terms of tastes and scents, buds rank among the most diverse plants. There are 100 flavonoids and terpenes in every breed, which determine its flavor. Suppose you do not dry and heal your marijuana correctly. In that case, these molecules will be destroyed, resulting in tasteless and odorous marijuana. 

Making the THC content as high as possible 

The whole plant contains this fantastic psychoactive substance. Marijuana resin still holds the highest concentration of THC. The crystals (trichomes) begin to form during the flowering stage; however, the weed is only covered by these crystals in the final week of the flowering. During this time, you can optimize the content of THC. 

Over time, the resin will irritate its glands, and the THC will melt, resulting in CBN formation. Both the feeling and the effect come from CBN. The reason you need to time your harvest is because you do not need this.

Enhancing CBD content

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the many medicinal compounds that act as a painkiller and nausea buster. Despite not being psychoactive, it interacts with THC and boosts the high. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause anxiety, although it has been shown that CBD cans can have a more significant impact. As a result, you need to wait until the CBG turns into CBD so that you can gain.

What Are The Trichomes?

When it is time to harvest, you will be able to tell by the color of the trichomes. The trichomes should not be confused. A pistil is a hair.

Using a magnifying glass, you can examine the trichomes. There are three phases to the trichomes on the blossoms of your plant. 

  • During the first phase, you will observe that the trichomes are shaped and swollen like mushrooms. 
  • The next step will result in them turning milky. 
  • The trichomes will begin to change color to amber or brown by the third stage.

Here is how you choose when to crop based on the “high” you would like. If the trichomes are turning milky, then CBD levels are high. This occurs when high cbd marijuana seeds. Once the trichomes turn amber or brown, CBN is primarily replaced by THC. Therefore, you need to decide if you will harvest the buds and pay attention to the trichomes. Check out great seeds for beginner growers at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

As a general rule, the longer you let your plant flower, the less harmful you will be if you smoke.


Consider flushing your plant before cutting it down. You have likely collected some salts in a plant for later use since you feed it nourishment. To prevent a lockout, you should flush your plant with freshwater. 

It is easier to hang dry sections of the crops as opposed to the whole crop. 

A Cure For A Bud

The buds need to be cut back before the final curing. Remove any leaves on the buds with a pair of scissors. The amount you decide to trim is entirely up to you, as it is an aesthetic procedure. Avoid throwing away the leaves. You can smoke this to create the exciting trimming. It is filled with trichomes.

Once the trimming is complete, separate the buds and stalks of the person. Those should be stored in glass jars. Any bag will do, but glass jars would be the ideal alternative.

It has been recommended that you open the jar every day for the first fourteen days so they can breathe for a few minutes. 

Bottom Line

In some cases, you may not complete all steps correctly on your first attempt, but do not let that discourage you. You will be rewarded with awesomeness, so do not give up. You will not enjoy the bud as much as you might. Eventually, though, you will become more experienced and discover your breed.

Several factors will influence when you expect the weed seed to bloom, but most weed seed suppliers will provide some ideas. However, there are other factors to consider.

Further, make sure that you remain protected from law enforcement and avoid being suspicious at all costs. Marijuana is a plant with healing properties, so most know nothing terrible will happen if we smoke it. However, the legislation does not reflect current practices. Make sure that you remain safe and hidden from law enforcement until marijuana is legalized everywhere.

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